Beautiful post Tapish and you covered each point very precisely.Iam touched that you found my words worth enough to be inspiring and thought provoking.Most importantly mentioning it brings out more emotions .I can only say Iam humbly touched. Your thoughts are beautiful and show a sign of self seeking and introspection.

Life of 24 Hours

“Is talent born or manufactured?”

“Is talent God-gifted or developed as a hobby/interest?”

“Does it come naturally or you improve upon your passion for something?”

Plenty of questions already and I suppose the answers from many of you could be the same as mine.
This idea came to mind when my fellow blogger Soumya commented on one of my posts with a poem. It was not the first time she did this but her poem just came with the flow of the theme of the post, or I shall say, be it ANY theme, she can write a poem on it. I was about to reply that she possessed a God gifted talent, but then the second thought struck to me simultaneously, that maybe it’s her passion and she manufactured and developed it herself.

So the question arose in my mind, “Is talent born or manufactured?”

I asked this and…

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