Moments glittered like well cut diamonds,

sparkling  and dazzling the  eyes,

amorous shines from  the angles,

like treasured love of  wind chimes!



Entwined and interlaced,

strings of  romance,

in form of flowers and ribbons,

embellishing hearts with enrapturing delight!


Days of  golden times,

Naive and pure,

valuable and pristine,

cherished for ages…

in the wings of  dreams ..

and rhythm of  melodious lines….


Swinging on the ropes of skies,

hanging suspending from blue highs,

embraced together as one,

two souls assimilate and unify! 






A journey started long back,

with you beside hand in hand,

walking past the bends of life,

with roads ,terrains,cliffs nearby…

Wonder how the days passed!

and we grew up from the cuddled past,

Holding , comforting each other,

in times of distress and troubled waves…

Along the sea we did see,

strong tides of destiny,

washing out our road of luck,

getting back with no sign of harmony…

Together we drew another line,

paved a path in depths of time,

with emotional bonds tight,

faith in the heart that moved benign,

to reach out to the skies,

to the stars that were outshined.

With drops of love …

showering affection,

happiness we discovered in every notion,

be it a rough day or trendy time,

work along or with no job to file,

money never mattered to us…

for we were the children ..

destined to be together in the sands  of time…

I wish and pray for more courage ..

to be able to face every challenge ahead,

with eternal love graced by HIM,

we remain as humble ones engraved! 



Heartfelt wishes