Once  on the foothills of Mt. Killaraus,

lived a lad named Adriel,

lively,simple were his ways,

enjoying the light on sunny days…

Happily he helped anyone,

whoever went by or was in  trouble,

Never did he thought about himself,

whether it was sunny or the snowy days!

Years passed on and he  lived alone,

no friend he had,neither any foe…

Once it snowed till the height,

where people could n’t walk ,

and there was no life…

everyone left the place hurriedly,

the young man too followed placidly….

homeless,penniless in a town,

he strolled and walked,

with a hope to earn few pounds! 

very soon lady luck  smiled,

he started working as a bartender at night!

Nighttime at the highway bar was creepy,

criminals,robbers,girls all went dizzy,

his eyes stuck one day on a lovely lass,

who silently followed a big man everyday at the bar…

One glimpse was only what he waited for,

every night his looks searched for her glance,

mutely and silently between the eyes,

the twosome conversed without having a sigh!

One day ,there wasn’t the pretty one anywhere,

he tried to look for her everywhere,

nowhere could she be found,

even though the fat man was always around!

Desperation killed his patience and hope,

he followed the person to get the dope,

all went dark, and he sneaked in..

through the doors where the slimy man had been!

Groping in the dark,in silent steps,

he climbed up the unseen stairs,

some noise he heard from a room beside,

he rushed to the door of that room lit faintly behind…       




         One  end( Pessimistic)     & Another end(Optimistic)                                                                                                                                  

Shocked and aghast,                                                                                                                                       

he carried himself  within,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

retracing his own steps,

he came back to the inn…                                                                                                                                   

Few shadows intermingled

A gorgeous gown flowed,

Consummating everyone,

With a laughter and roar,

  That he night he vowed he would never fall..

For unseen pleasures and unseen thoughts,                                                                                                                     

For he had been miserably ripped

with the trust he had on an  unidentified   fille!

Shockingly he found his girl bound in ropes,

with mouth gagged with cloth   and blood dripping on floor,

With a thrusting force he darted in,

hitting the oldie with a seamless bin…

As the man fell with a groan,

  the two young birds flew out of the door!

 Leaving the place and darkness behind…

with no trail of theirs in the given time…

Back into the lap of the warm mountains,

to live a life happily everafter!

Now the young man had a love,

 To be on his side and to be his on this. earth!


It wasn’t much before when I laid,

my intricate ones innate,

wrapped in soft tender folds,

of  times and the moments spent…

Away from spine chilled pricks,

cozied in warmth of  feelings…

Beautifully adorned and preciously kept,

jewels in them of my heart bedecked…

Gifting you the most valuable ones,

specially treasured and wisely spent.

The silken zardosi cloth…,

 the fabric of the bonds,

enhanced the beauty of the shining gems,

with drops of blood and life …

they were woven and kempt…




Did you have  a glance on them?

A glance is what its all about!

aasaman ke pankh

एक नज़र के लिए है सारा फ़साना,
ज़िन्दगी का यह अफसाना
न जाने किस दिन मिलेगा ,
इस दिल को अपने प्यार का नजराना .
मुद्दत सी हुई,
जब मिले थे यूँ हंसके,
बैठे थे यूँ खामोशी में,
नज़र्रें झुका के,
हवा ने भी रुख मोड़ लिया तब,
जब एक नज़र मिली आपकी हमसे।
आज इतने अरसो बाद,
यह लगा है फिरसे
ना जाने कितने जनम लगेंगे …
हमें …
आपके दिल में अपनी मोहब्बत जगाने …
एक नज़र को तड़प रहे हैं हम बेगाने।

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The pure pristine one!

aasaman ke pankh

कोमल कमल की पंखुरियों सा निर्मल,
खिलता ,प्रफुल्लित मन यह चितवन,
धरा की रेखाओं के आधीन ,
फिर भी उन्मुक्त  स्वाधीन स्वच्छ दर्पण
सदेव खिलता खिलखिलाता ,

अपने मन मोहक गीत सुनाता,
लुभावना सा यह कमल ,
सुवासित रहे वातारण .
कभी जो तूफ़ान में झुक के,
मुड़  जाए इसके डंठल ,
अगले पल अपने को संभाले,

खडा रहे यह मनभावन .
ऐसे निर्मल मन सा कोई हो जो कमल,
जीवन की डोर से फिर न टूटे ….
किसी की साहस का बंधन।

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Yet another plume to my crown! or let me say another star to my sky..The twinkling ones always remind me that the love of everyone here has made my sky twinkling. It always reminds for the readers out here have made the plain sky into glittering!.Thank s to MuZer ,   who is very new reader and follower has showered me with a token of affection! An award known as REALITY AWARD!











Below are the rules for the REALITY blog award:

1. Answer the 5 questions

2. Nominate 8 other bloggers


1. If you could change one thing, what would you change?

Perception of people, who limit their logic and reasoning.

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

Difficult question,I enjoyed every age of my life,to repeat anything would be lessening its endurance and perfection.

3. What one thing really scares you?


4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

Life is full of dreams and I dnt feel I have achieved any one with perfection, so the journey continues.

5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

Myself ,because I know myself better than anyone else. 🙂




And my nominees:

  • Elamany
  • saakshi
  • Vigil
  • yepiratesays
  • lizzie
  • mira
  • suraiya
  • Tapish


Best wishes,






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For many years,in the  dense  forests,

lived a tribal king  who had a daughter charming,

her smile was alluring,

her looks were beguiling …


The flora and fauna of the jungle,

adored  the beautiful one,

Because of  her love for nature and

the care she had for everyone!


Amidst the rich blossoms,

tall trees of kissing branches,

beside the wild creatures,

singing with cardinals,

she lived with her tribe ,

in the place so   surreal…


Once a mighty fierce king,

attacked the peaceful tranquil,

crushing and killing very being,

that came in between his marching…


Animals fled,flowers dried,

plants and trees got terrified,

Pleading to save ,they called their saviour,

the tribal king got enraged hearing their sounds griever!


Ahead he went with his small troop,

fighting till his last  breath in strife,

Alas! he could not face the powerful king!…

And got slained in defending! 


It was the turn of the princess to come ,

for the rescue of her friends and clan,

With  zeal in heart and  strong willed emotion,

She darted and faced every crushing invading man…


Unlike her father,she cleverly managed to trap

her enemies into a maze

Surrounding and  attacking  from every side,

Inspite of few fighters on her side,

she managed to entrap and pin the king…


The arrogant ruler on discovering,

 his captor to be a woman was shocked,

disbelievingly  he stared and gazed,

getting captivated in chains …with her charm mundane.


Regretting his faults and errors made,

he apologized before  the beauty of  Mali!

For a moment a silence prevailed,

Animals and woods,

awaited her bade…


She kept a condition along,

never will the king cross or trample even a thorn,

leaving his kingdom of desires,

he shall be a part of the tribal form…


Living like a normal being ,

In the lap of nature and destiny…

with full humility,

serving the world …


touch of  utmost humanity!


The king promised to abide by every word ,

willingly he stayed back to serve with her a different world,

Thus a princess ,compassionate and loving,

transformed a boisterous king into a man of purpose …

with her words and heart of silver streak…



On the piece of paper fluttering beside,

a pen scrolls down and scribbles the time,

moments lived, cherished in mind,

like the old bottled wine!


Lines flow, joining words,

remembering instances,never wondered,

flying back to the past,

the paper still lives in the present arch!


Jotted ink goes on and on,

till it is tired and cannot walk,

recalling moments of the nostalgic past,

feeling the warmth of the flowers,

the cool breeze of the forest’s heart.


Fragrance of the treasured times,

spread out from the words that outshine,

a story,an incident, a day or an event,

the heart is laid out on the paper with full intense!



I thank Mary clever of for nominating me for this beautiful award ,also would like to include name of meholysmile of who too nominated me for the same! Both the blogs are wonderful and sincere in expressions. You will feel the honesty that comes along with the words.

The rules for this award :

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.


  1. I love music next to writing.
  2. I had been a good sportsperson during my school and college times and do catch up with anything if I get time and chance even now.
  3. I like people who have depth in their thoughts and are composed ,even if they tend to be fun loving on the exterior.
  4. I love cooking and also love to prepare delicious ones for children and family.
  5. I am friendly in nature with everyone  but get closer to very few.
  6. I am philosophical and spiritual by nature.
  7. There two beautiful occasions in December which are very important for me…. You shall know about them soon! 🙂

My nominations are:





Also I would like to thank Stefan for nominating me 2nd time for the BLOG OF THE YEAR2012 AWARD.that makes two stars for me. 🙂

>Award time! 2012! Check it out! With love maxima


The rules are there in my previous post of the same award!

I shall like to nominate :

Subhan Zein














The golden auburn tresses, curly locks entwined,

moving with soft breeze and tingled whenever they shied,

fingers ran through …got caressed themselves…

rejuvenating life and my senses…


Close to her ,

feeling the breath pristine,

I still yearned for their touch,

for they made me feel divine…


Sometimes a word of conflict,

made us turn away,

but a touch of  that  flickered cascade,

left us in a soft embrace…


 My soul misses  the moments of such ardor,

When my day began by kissing the beautiful hair,

night being its espouse…

I  today possess only a  moment clicked… in hands,

For it has been twenty years when she left  me dying  in those strands…


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