For creating my existence,

For sending me in this world,

with sun giving the warmth of love,

the stars glittering and smiling ever,

the light of the moon cutting the darkness,

for the flowers blooming in varied colours..

for the sweet humming of the breeze and stream,

singing of the cuckoo bird!


For the soul Iam,for the embodiement,

In which I exist on this earth!

For the faith of my spirit  in the creator,

for the belief of the true love in the sphere,

the courage instilled with confidence,

the calmness given in fright or fear….


For every  breath that I respire ,

for every thought that brightens the surrounding s,

for the depth of any feeling that I possess,

for every emotion that I express or absorb within the layers!



Iam grateful for each of these , that you have blessed me with and have given,

in form of your gracious benevolence bestowed on me,

through endless times and ceaseless moments of births and years!