Immersing in the mystifying  ocean of your immanence,

far beyond the realms of living fraternity,

when I step into the kingdom of your jewels,

Its bliss everywhere!!!


Letting go off my overburdened mind,

when I brush off the debris of  useless thoughts,

Binding myself  with silken threads …

along with your personified being,

I manage to swim across the thousand seas of  turbulence,

without getting wet and without drenching in!


Opening my eyes ,uncovering the veil falling,

I perceive an ethereal divine …

as I bedeck a corsage of my emotions,

in evocation of the same!


Disembarking from the exemplification,

I gather the dusts of time,

Gently collecting them in a casket of vibrations,

With the priceless moments flowing through like reverberations.