With utmost courage I stand up again,

after falling down the steps,

While on my way to the topmost floor,

of the tallest building known!

The stairs were slippery

and so was the floor,

glazing, reflecting, dazzling

with light more …

While alighting I looked around,

to the enrapturing scene profound,

desires started triggering ,

to possess  every possible thing…

that lay beside the lone staircase,

on walls and ceilings shining  blaze…

And for a second my gaze shifted,

from the steps …

and I slipped and lay flabbergasted!

Stumbling and slipping down,

tripping and tumbling  to the ground…

hurt ,bruised,

strains in self,

I got myself  curled …

and stood  up again!

With a pain and ache within,

of mind,body and spirit!

The fall reminded me every-time,

of the anguish that

was only mine,

So determined and resolved I became,

To walk and achieve the final aim,

without being distracted anymore,

to reach my predestined floor! 


It was New year’s Eve. Everyone was busy in their own little world of celebrating! Candles, Lights,Gifts  brought merriness to the homes that rowed up beside the street where she was walking.

The glee and the sound of laughs along with merry music filled the atmosphere …yet something was missing and made the surroundings dull and gloomy.A voice was missing,a feeling was unfelt, a void was felt.She returned back to her place retracing her steps and thoughts.

She always had loved the beauty of everything around her. Her twinkling observations made her heart glow and even sulk in a minute when no one would understand and realize the happiness of the surroundings.

It was  the festival time everywhere and life had been very sarcastic with her.She was alone awaiting for happiness to knock her door.

Somehow she had managed to decorate the house with beautiful artistry and flowers. Flowers which  she loved a lot,the ones who were always by her side,no matter what!

These mute tiny bunches always spread the smiles !






She touched the pretty yellow lily dangling out of the porcelain vase,as if it had been waiting for her warmth.

How steadily she craved for his presence beside in the glowing nights of the dark.

Yearning for the sapphire sky to come and kiss along,with the blessings that showered on them few years back ,when nothing went wrong.

Strange had been the time ,when things get reversed,a  blissful moment can turn around and leave everything shattered.

She had  valued life and always awaited for him to do so.

Untill then it was a casual careless affair…

She scribbled the words down in her mind and tried to reach for a blue pen on the table to write the thoughts that had just flooded her heart.She could not get the pen in hand nor was she able to hold the pen,for her sense had been lost and she forgot she wasn’t of this world anymore.

Suddenly there was  a knock at the door behind, the keys turned around and he stepped in,as he used to , with  his usual sight…only that he could not see her any longer.


Nothing can ever substitute the place that you hold,

creating a void in a whole,

nothing replenishes the thoughts,

of your words that shone…

within the darkness of my depths,

that formed when you left me alone.


Who else can I look upon,

in times of distress and warmth,

for you’re the only soul close to me,

who could feel my breath and heart…


Clinging to you or possessing you,

I don’t have any such wish,

just a touch of care and love,

that is what I ever  dreamt …


Interrupting your schedule

of work and duties,

is never on my mind,

I just want to be beside you in the struggles dominating your time…



Still if my words hurt you..

and my feelings put you in pain,

I will stay away from your shadow …

But nothing can ever interchange  your place …



feel the brightness!

aasaman ke pankh

गरजते हुए बादलों के पीछे से शरमाई चांदनी झांक रही ,
कभी डर  के कभी सिहर के देख रही,
ठहरी सी लहराई सी,
हवा के साथ गुनगुना रही।
न फ़िक्र है उसे बिजली की गरज से,                         
न जाने वो काले बादलों क साए को,
बस अपने में ही चलती जा रही,
चारो ओर  अपनी हंसी बिखरा   रही ।
सफ़ेद झिलमिलाती चादर सी आँगन में,
वो अपने साथ लिए प्यार को दामन में,
चलती  यूँ मीलों खामोशी से,
ख़ुशी की रोशनी जगमगा रही .
निर्मल चांदनी का ये दर्पण,
चारों ओर लाये उजियारा ,
घने काले बादल हट जाए,
देख कर इसकी अनोखी अदा!

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