Minutes,hours,days and weeks,

sometimes just flutter like a small twig,

the tiny  leaf on the twig,

waits for the breeze,

to caress her veins and the dreams…

The soothing breeze unaware of its virtuous presence,

provides refreshing breath of air in every molecule present,

fluorescent green leaf with natural  innocence,

emanates radiance…

Spring soon ends, as autumn sets in,

time for the cool breeze to leave the surrounding,

plants,flowers,trees bid  the breeze  goodbye,

and  the leaf waves  with a smiling shy…

Deep inside ,it weeps, for the craving it needs,

burying the wetness somewhere ,she remains calm and serene…

Till the next spring comes, being away from her love,

 quiet and subtle ,

outside cheerful and  with dazzle…

Spreading through the surroundings,

the freshness and greenness,

the leaf lives her life,

Sharing all the happiness…

Amidst the vast landscape,

on the contours of the earth,

in the presence of  Universe,

She fulfills her task,

smiling with radiance,

from the profundity of the heart…

4 thoughts on “THE LEAF

  1. This leaf presents one world, one love. Poised with beautiful forms, it latches on the branches for care. The autumn blends in and begins the continuous eternal circle of life.
    Beautiful rendition of nature with freshness and honesty.

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