That frame in the corner mocks

a layer of dust adorns

the past

who hath time to wipe

the cobwebs from corner

to cleanse the muck

lying since ages ov’r the stretched bond…

Lost I’m

how far, how long

how do I carry forth

none tried  hitherto…

then how do I ?

How far, how long?

nothingness ahead…

nothingness behind..

Grace me,

O! my heart.


A Life gets over


A part of me is sliced tonight

chaffed off my tender heart

The breath is half,

Life becomes half

snatches as the clutches of destiny

from my existence

a part

Somewhere down the years , the bruised portion will grow

balm the wounds with verses of blood

curing pain of the open shredded injuries

A part of me then shall merge,


coalesce and unite to assimilate finally

like a body converts to ashes

and integrates in the soil

A Life gets over

Thy sobriquet

plucked I from the garden of epithets
a wondrous appellation
Sapphire! Thy sobriquet,
I sway gently in thy ecstatic kingdom
leaning against the sweet whisperings of thine creations
In moments together sitting parallel across the seven oceans
yet under the same vast expanse,
Thee soaking in the golden sun,
while I drench myself in monsoon showers
prompting minutes
of our pristine meet,
like an expected ephemeral juncture

Like a fountain !

Like a fountain of selfless love
I dispersed the atoms of life
emptying my heart
filling yours every time…
immersed in the gigantic hugeness
of thy persona
I shyly stood in the shadow
of being humble to the divine.
What is of me ! I ne’er cared
for  loved ones I died and cared,
Spray ! eternal fountain
thy shower of fragrant mist
infuse in me the strength and
endurance to sustain!




In the burning ashes that lie scattered

are embers of the soulful desires

glow they for a second

when a breeze kisses them ,even if they are on pyre!


Amidst the grey powdered dust

stand  as heat of passion

raindrops extinguish their flame

but the intensity evokes the fire…


Watch the rolling stones

The gorgeous rubies round

in the grey sapphires

creating an exquisite artifact

that shall withstand weather of every ages!






Dear all,




O! light of Diwali!

ablaze you glow

with your energy

to infuse in the soul…


give me thy energy

to walk on the path

of obstacles, unseen corners

where cliff is hanging off…


In darkness of the mind,

you shine like the golden one

erasing the fears

sparkling the atmosphere!


Illuminate ! hearts! O! blessed one!

without your luminescence

we are mere losers!


DSCF3803 DSCF3848

The Fallen Leaf!

The soul weeps in anguish

falls the leaf from the branch

   shockingly the flower is aghast

“ Why Thou! You descend and collapse…

Its still time before  death befalls….


“ tis the drop of the curse,

The curse of the loved one,

for whence I should

separate from the branch of life…


It withers my vibrant color

burns the freshness and vigor

lest I need to shrivel and die

When the curse of love transpires!


“Alas, you are the one

Who never grumbled whether ignored

 nor stumbled in a storm

walked with a word of joy,

Spreading happiness to every passer –by”.


Its my fault ,O! loved one!

The essence of my immaculateness

Ne’er reached the core of  thy  heart

I fail and now fall apart!




In the melancholic times,

words get lost like bemused,

chasing illusory altitudes…

whereas a song keeps on playing  …

in the background!


piercing notes go deep within,

harping the strings severely,

leaving a  shrill feeling …

in the core of the soul’s being!


The frictional touch bleeds the veins,

even though the sound resonates,

A song of nostalgic pains,

echoes in the subjugating place…


Leaving behind the soul in somberness,

The heart moves with driftness…

brushing  past from  the touching  tunes,

On a casual formal pathway!



Nictating eyes…absorbing the imagery of your empyreal  presence,
conjoining  lines of  the co-ordinates in the revered atmosphere,
dispersed  molecules of fervency,
hypnotizing my senses …
carrying me to an exotic association!
Absence of the  corporeal existence,
never diminished the intricate tenderness,
rather minified the negative caprices ,
whenever subjugated by the milieu…
True to the heart and pristinely pure,
feelings of sublimated thoughts are divine,
The souls en-laced in the  intertwined ribbons…
…of the silken threads of ardor,
remain connected perpetually and forever…
whether on earth or in heaven…


Minutes,hours,days and weeks,

sometimes just flutter like a small twig,

the tiny  leaf on the twig,

waits for the breeze,

to caress her veins and the dreams…

The soothing breeze unaware of its virtuous presence,

provides refreshing breath of air in every molecule present,

fluorescent green leaf with natural  innocence,

emanates radiance…

Spring soon ends, as autumn sets in,

time for the cool breeze to leave the surrounding,

plants,flowers,trees bid  the breeze  goodbye,

and  the leaf waves  with a smiling shy…

Deep inside ,it weeps, for the craving it needs,

burying the wetness somewhere ,she remains calm and serene…

Till the next spring comes, being away from her love,

 quiet and subtle ,

outside cheerful and  with dazzle…

Spreading through the surroundings,

the freshness and greenness,

the leaf lives her life,

Sharing all the happiness…

Amidst the vast landscape,

on the contours of the earth,

in the presence of  Universe,

She fulfills her task,

smiling with radiance,

from the profundity of the heart…