Rise , Rise & Rise!

From the gravels of the earth to the surface of the mantle, Screams and demands every particle of dust, Enough is enough! Stop the turmoil and killings That spreads throughout the air of pollution, Hovering over the intoxicated breath Of men,women and children, crushing the delicate shrubs of innocence What is this mayhem for! Halt… Read More Rise , Rise & Rise!

The Grey Shawl!

Beneath the grey shawl I still shiver and tremble, It shrouds my figure Yet is devoid of the warm ensemble.   Sparingly I look up Or try to search The tattered shawl needs a mend Few stitches shall repair the imperfect shred.   With a needle of courage A thread of hope I hide the… Read More The Grey Shawl!


within the closed eyelids lives a dream,tiny,small and glittering whose shimmer shines like thousand stars amidst the deep forest or even in dark….   like a perfumed rose, as a satin feel the bud of dream ,lives to dream as cluster of pearls precious it gathers moments transitory.   like an evanescence of fragrant oils… Read More DREAM