On the chariot of  heavenly feelings,

rode the one who ruled the innumerable hearts…

embellished with elegant charm,

adorned and bedecked with enchantment.


Riding ceremoniously onto the place destined,

heralding jubilantly with the mast-head swaying,

Through the entangling forests of time,

Crossing several deserts and being on maritime…


The  magnificent chariot rushes swiftly,

like a gleam of blazed lightening,

Amidst the thunderstorm which flashes giantly,

tearing apart the darkness pervading…


Like an Auriga it dazzles in the black sky,

Propagating light with utmost luminosity,

dispersing the tiniest atoms of its constituent,

scattering in the atmosphere the most enamouring scent…


The designated sanctum glows like incandescence,

reflecting glowing everywhere…

As the chariot of dreams arrives on  the heart,

The charioteer of love alights …

to dwell and reign…

the kingdom of hearts…


18 thoughts on “THE CHARIOT

  1. It does flow like a song. I can sing these words, and naturally they settle with the tune.
    It is the magic of chariot that you painted here — with rich textures, yet in ease.
    I love the second and third stanza, it carries the momentum. Beautifully penned, Soumya.
    Blessings and love. 🙂

    1. And you almost caught the real thought behind,just that its love riding the chariot ..now whether we personify or make it appear as a person its same.. love u dear!

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