Fairy like she appeared

with beguiling charms she walked,

fair and a tinge of crimson

shaded on her cheeks

lovely cascade of silken treasures 

touching her shoulders

kissing the breeze serene…


In symphony with the gorgeous waves

she moved

melting like the wax burnt

she vanished in the dark….


Incandescent glow

an image of resplendence

when she talked


pearls rolled out…

luminescent and smooth .


Slowly  gliding over  earth

her feet like unseen feathers

through the dark ,

beside the glowing flowers

a sparkling diamond bedazzled on her finger

mesmerizing every onlooker,

with a thought

who is she,

A ghost or an angel who walks!

Dream Fairy
Dream Fairy (Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier)






Written after watching the recent bollywood movie”Talaash”. The character is a spirit and it leaves a permanent mark on our minds for  the way it feels and behaves.











On the chariot of  heavenly feelings,

rode the one who ruled the innumerable hearts…

embellished with elegant charm,

adorned and bedecked with enchantment.


Riding ceremoniously onto the place destined,

heralding jubilantly with the mast-head swaying,

Through the entangling forests of time,

Crossing several deserts and being on maritime…


The  magnificent chariot rushes swiftly,

like a gleam of blazed lightening,

Amidst the thunderstorm which flashes giantly,

tearing apart the darkness pervading…


Like an Auriga it dazzles in the black sky,

Propagating light with utmost luminosity,

dispersing the tiniest atoms of its constituent,

scattering in the atmosphere the most enamouring scent…


The designated sanctum glows like incandescence,

reflecting glowing everywhere…

As the chariot of dreams arrives on  the heart,

The charioteer of love alights …

to dwell and reign…

the kingdom of hearts…



Origami in the imagination,
flourishing ideas surface ,
sailing paper boat moves swiftly…
in the muddy waters along the gate….
jumping,sliding through the waves,
getting stuck on every bend,
little boat of imagination,
floating innocently in the rains…
down she moves,turns around,
waits for a second and spins to the ground,
again she gets a push from behind,
the queen of dreams sets sailing forthright.
watching the boat and pursuing the trail,
getting wet with the drizzling queen,
running after the white sail,
crossing and leaping each puddle….
Innocent minds run after the boat,
the beautiful one of origami shown,
without  fear of any sort,
the little ones follow their dream path…


(photo: scenicreflections.com)
How long should I wait dear?
How long should I await for you!
Strangled emotions ,broken dreams,
shattered thoughts I have seen,
every moment when I had perceived a brightened hope unseen…
Clasping one edge of the hope,
tightening and gripping the fold,
silently it rips within,
the arteries of my heart alone…
Incognizant of adjacent waves,
that touch you and traverse back again,
without touching your inwardness,
getting lost in the pith as  pitch dark lane…
Imagination dries , a fossil formed,
will you ever discover what went wrong?
Will a moment be in life when you 
halt for a second and realize…
the vacuumness in my heart,
the unspoken strong desire …
to be in your arms …
The solace that I needed …
By being with you … in moments of past…


Widespread is the path of love,
reaching to the end of horizon,
The road I travel passes through,
your goal,your destination.
Join me here on this bend,
where I am standing to lend you my hand,
the journey will  soon come to an end,
before it’s too late,hold my hand…
Strolling through this boulevard,
admiring the fallen leaves and flowers,
vast sky of  imagination ,
takes us beyond  the limit of horizon…
Your dream is my wish now,
touching the sky is just a step somehow,
reaching the stars is the desire,
filling your life with happiness is what I aspire…


Where thoughts are pure,

feelings conjure,

where soul is glowing,

with an aura radiating…

Where the flowers shimmer,

fragrance demeanour,

Immaculate volitions,

sparkle the atmosphere…

Days and night,sun or moon,

every being is a child dear,

where a drop of hatred never is  born …

love reigning the empire for years…

A paradise on earth ,

is truly there,

where our heart rules our mind,

and lives without any fear…

In our imaginations with deep insight,

a world of paradise exists,

in every soul

of this universal sight…