Wait for a second, turn around, it was your life… that got lost in the strife!   What do you see? trees,roads,buildings, people flocking on streets,  Or noise ruling the surroundings….?   Think again,you were there till yesterday, amongst the lost mob stranded, in endless search of prosperity, erasing the gifts possessed…   Running hastily… Read More AWAKEN !


                Night dawns ,darkness pervades, nocturnals make some noise, outside the walls enclosing the minds…   Silently the quiet  breath echoes in the air, disseminating fragrance of  scattered flowers, warmness gets coiled within, ticker thumps get  rhythmic …   Blossoms of emotions diffuse in  the air, illuminating the… Read More LOVERHOOD

An embrace!

I wouldn’t mind holding you and losing myself in you, as the breath of air merges  and blends together, difficult to distinguish mine from yours… Close enough to feel the thundering beats , my pulse increases when they vibrate me… feelings intensify, compounding in multiples, emotions potent of great secure… stirring the mind are the… Read More An embrace!


My dazzling diamonds lose the sparkle as you are away, shining glimmering throughout the day, They miss your breath under the blue… Dimmed gets …their glittering, when thousands of similar ones reappear in the midnight hue… They crave to get glistened  with your touch , to bathe away the sorrowness submerged ….