Wait for a second,

turn around,

it was your life…

that got lost in the strife!


What do you see?


people flocking on streets, 


noise ruling the surroundings….?


Think again,you were there till yesterday,

amongst the lost mob stranded,

in endless search of prosperity,

erasing the gifts possessed…


Running hastily to the work,

everyday you stumbled,

a hand which held you  from falling,

you forgot to always thank her…


Never for a second you stopped and breathed,

the fresh new air of life,

never observed the buds blooming,

nor the sunrise…








Gone are the times.days of past,

never shall they be back again,

The moment when you realized the  essence,

lost was the reason of happiness…


Get up! you dumb hearted dumb minds of today!                                                                              

before it gets too late,

rise,awaken your self…to see and experience,

the real bliss and happiness,

through the eyes of your loved ones ,

amidst the lap of nature,

gratifying shall be the soul,

when you shall  be thankful to the creator…











Night dawns ,darkness pervades,

nocturnals make some noise,

outside the walls enclosing the minds…


Silently the quiet  breath echoes in the air,

disseminating fragrance of  scattered flowers,

warmness gets coiled within,

ticker thumps get  rhythmic …


Blossoms of emotions diffuse in  the air,

illuminating the dark chamber with

spark of the fire…


tactile sensations try to be allusive,

vibrant senses,

sensed by the touch modality…


enkindled ,ignited with fuel of awakening,

experience the delightful ,enamoured

journey of  loverhood…


This week’s writing challenge is to finish “I wish I were…” and here is my beautiful small wish…..











I wish I were an angel of  the heaven,

from where I could  get  a glance ,

of everyone on this beautiful earth,

peeping inside their minds and hearts…


I wish I could sprinkle some humanity on the barren land,

where humans have forgotten to respect their species and  clan…

I wish I could use my wand and let sorrows vanish from the broken  hearts,

spreading a bit of golden  sunshine in everyone’s empty courtyard…











I wish I could twirl around…

and do some magic to re-liven the spirits

of the dead souls on the earth,

who are supposed to be exquisite…


I wish I could talk to the ones,

who have loved me so  dearly,

that Iam not born to be with them…

but here for some other important responsibility…


I wish I could show the mirror of the mind to the lonesome losers,

showing them the power within to change the world in a  second…


I wish I were  able to express my feelings that lay  subdued within,

To the one whom I adored ,who got lost in life’s living…




In the dusts of time ,I am merely a particle blown away,

from deserts to plains, mountains and vales,

in the weather of the time,in any condition,

I just froze and sometimes got melted…


Where do I lie?what is my place?

within the infinite space,

Are there any co ordinates,

that hold me in their state?


I am just a speck in the whole universe,

does my existence …

create a difference to others?

 I am an atom of  the past ,

displacing and inciting the moments,

moving, proceeding,

transcending from the shrivels of the  time…


Lost in the storms of  yearses,

drenched in  rains, scorched in the sun,

The tiny particle of the creation…

survives the drastic changes of the world….


An embrace!

I wouldn’t mind holding you and losing myself in you,

as the breath of air merges  and blends together,

difficult to distinguish mine from yours…

Close enough to feel the thundering beats ,

my pulse increases when they vibrate me…

feelings intensify, compounding in multiples,

emotions potent of great secure…

stirring the mind are the stimulating senses,

evoking moments ,

 intoxicating smoke fills the atmosphere…

Intriguing thoughts in the mesmerizing eyes,

hypnotized gets the disillusioned  mind,

 bewitched with the  torridness

You and  me in such a splendour,

in your arms,

lies immense enchantment ! My dear!









Breathing deep suspiring sighs,

in your  long absence

with lows and highs,

for the unending  days and nights ,

respiring  amidst the array,

my heart awaits your reappearance…



Like a fluttering leaf  ,

it sheds some dew drops ..

bedecked on it by the nature’s song…

Like a gorgeous butterfly ,

it sits and dances,

twirls around the beautiful florescence …








(photo: googleimages)

As if the river is yet happy again,

to flow and unite with the…

ocean deep…

As the dynamic  bird flying high ,

merrily gliding to the skies,

to touch the magnificient high peaks…



Alike the sweet flower of the valley,

where the royal bee  swarms and dips,

to suck the nectar of the one 

that attract its  bee stings…








Without the feeling of your warmth,

the heart still beats …

awaiting for your comeback,

immersed in abstract thoughts…

The long anticipation, a tender promise,

which gestates  for the moment unseen,

yearning for ventilation ..

Of the hidden lovesome  feelings…


My dazzling diamonds lose the sparkle as you are away,

shining glimmering throughout the day,

They miss your breath under the blue…

Dimmed gets …their glittering,

when thousands of similar ones reappear in the midnight hue…

They crave to get glistened  with your touch ,

to bathe away the sorrowness submerged ….





Buried deep beneath the storms of survival,

losing the real scent of  affection,

running and functioning with a dead brain’s  hammer,

lost is the innocent smile we nurtured….


Struggling suffocating in smoke chambers,

popping up pills for illness and assumed  dangers,

have we  ever stopped and thought…

What exactly is the  purpose of  such endeavour?


Dissecting conscience ,piercing needles into heart,

torturing the conscious with several confusions,

comforts,luxuries, prestige and status,

What does the soul really crave in for…?


The instinctive smile that shined…

…is mazed in the world of hypocrisy,

Searching for its own radiance…

the precious one gets bewildered!









A song that we loved to sing,

together in the days of spring,

with swinging flowers blooming,

and streams of the river flowing…


Music of which you composed,

I wrote the lyrics foretold,

together we hummed in a tune,

melodies of which can never get old…










Hours of  patience, heaps of love,

compiled in a sweetest song  ever,

touch of intense emotions to cry,

infinite moments when we lived and died…


Euphonic sounds, echoing in the nature,

dispersing in the saffron coloured atmosphere,

shrilling notes of the strings we can hear,

resounding in the forest sprawling near…


Eternal song of our adore,

sung together on earth , 

reverberates throughout the cosmos…

flowing with incessant splendour!


Can I ever meet a soul..

passionate as my ardor,

zealous  enthusiasm filled,

momentous moments cherishing within…


Can  I ever meet a soul,

who trusts his intuition vigor,

unlike the rest of the world,

courageous  and truthful amor!


Can I ever come across,

a soul as cheerful as Iam apart,

smile being the jewel precious,

wading happily when muddy waters obstruct the path!


Can I ever know of a soul,

who  is so very much me,

Like a reflection of self ..

in the glimpse when in the mirror I see!



Should it needs  to be cloned!

Is there never a second soul ..

like us on the whole globe,

Unique ones in the world

Perhaps  HE created each one in different mode…