Everytime I sit in peace,

I come across a certain being,

who shakes my thought and my mind,

subsquently to affect my heart twine…

Whenever Iam busy in my routine,

the normal duties and chores umpteen,

a vibration suddenly shivers,

trembling the thought,apprehending fears…

Fear of continous thoughts,

ruling my conscience out of drought,

longing to be held close,

touched and kissed like a pure soul…

Eventually I forget the keeps ,

my promises

that I made to my self within,

never to get carried away by any dream …

Everything goes futile! …

For the breeze of love never asks and pines,

it just comes and chills your spine,

yearning to get warmth ,

from the only dear pristine…

Again the cycle restarts,

loving and getting hurt happens along,

everything else remains the same,

the  moments are not the  ones to blame…

Affinity brings out the best of us,

when we radiate the loving nature in nimbus,

spreading light of affection.,

           sparkling the dull life  of someone…


25 thoughts on “AFFINITY

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  2. Through the entangling forests of time,…your lines are timeless and classical – aloud your poem sizzles with sound…read quietly, your verses make one contemplate. – very powerful, with a myriad of emotions.

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