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For many years,in the  dense  forests,

lived a tribal king  who had a daughter charming,

her smile was alluring,

her looks were beguiling …


The flora and fauna of the jungle,

adored  the beautiful one,

Because of  her love for nature and

the care she had for everyone!


Amidst the rich blossoms,

tall trees of kissing branches,

beside the wild creatures,

singing with cardinals,

she lived with her tribe ,

in the place so   surreal…


Once a mighty fierce king,

attacked the peaceful tranquil,

crushing and killing very being,

that came in between his marching…


Animals fled,flowers dried,

plants and trees got terrified,

Pleading to save ,they called their saviour,

the tribal king got enraged hearing their sounds griever!


Ahead he went with his small troop,

fighting till his last  breath in strife,

Alas! he could not face the powerful king!…

And got slained in defending! 


It was the turn of the princess to come ,

for the rescue of her friends and clan,

With  zeal in heart and  strong willed emotion,

She darted and faced every crushing invading man…


Unlike her father,she cleverly managed to trap

her enemies into a maze

Surrounding and  attacking  from every side,

Inspite of few fighters on her side,

she managed to entrap and pin the king…


The arrogant ruler on discovering,

 his captor to be a woman was shocked,

disbelievingly  he stared and gazed,

getting captivated in chains …with her charm mundane.


Regretting his faults and errors made,

he apologized before  the beauty of  Mali!

For a moment a silence prevailed,

Animals and woods,

awaited her bade…


She kept a condition along,

never will the king cross or trample even a thorn,

leaving his kingdom of desires,

he shall be a part of the tribal form…


Living like a normal being ,

In the lap of nature and destiny…

with full humility,

serving the world …


touch of  utmost humanity!


The king promised to abide by every word ,

willingly he stayed back to serve with her a different world,

Thus a princess ,compassionate and loving,

transformed a boisterous king into a man of purpose …

with her words and heart of silver streak…



On the piece of paper fluttering beside,

a pen scrolls down and scribbles the time,

moments lived, cherished in mind,

like the old bottled wine!


Lines flow, joining words,

remembering instances,never wondered,

flying back to the past,

the paper still lives in the present arch!


Jotted ink goes on and on,

till it is tired and cannot walk,

recalling moments of the nostalgic past,

feeling the warmth of the flowers,

the cool breeze of the forest’s heart.


Fragrance of the treasured times,

spread out from the words that outshine,

a story,an incident, a day or an event,

the heart is laid out on the paper with full intense!