” gently and beautifully she swims,absorbing the pains
caressing the broken wings
with the flapping she resists the friction,
beneath her grace
resides the ache unraveled
with elegance she swims forever
a noble soul ,a brave heart
splendid is her nature
inspiring others”…..

Inspired after going through a post of Haiku …   Swan Ache – haiku


36 thoughts on “THE GRACEFUL SWAN !

        1. Thts nice Naima! Hope your college is giving you ample opportunites to reveal your true nature as a wonderful writer ! OH ! I thght you must be on vacation back home.

  1. First, I see you have a new theme – it is minimalist and makes for easier reading.
    Your poem brought to the fore so many thoughts and emotions.

    The quintessential clown character – makes all laugh, while burdens weigh down his heart

    The ballerina in Swan Lake, so graceful while grimacing in pain as her toes scream

    Closer t home, the same is true with mothers and fathers – as candles they cheerfully burn off their lives even as their children’s lives they light

    One can go on to recount all these sacrifices and more —

    Splendid indeed is nature – a Mother imparting lessons — all these and more, your verse triggered to the fore.

    Thank you Soumya, for this treat.

    1. Surely a gift to read your thoughts too Eric! Your haiku inspired those lines and then you write the different genres of mankind,which reflect the same shade of colour and characteristics. Beautifully you compared the clown,ballerina ,parents and the mother all of different nature and identity yet going through the same condition. I feel honoured to see such a comparison here on my blog coz of the few lines!

  2. It so reminds me of your elegance in all that your heart shares! You are so much like that swan my sister…it represents easily the living beauty of your heart and spirit!

    1. Its delightful to read to read your comments Wendell for you always see something more behind the lines and come up with a very warm comment! Thank you for your appreciation

  3. “She departed like the Swan, He stared on like the Man”…..that entire swannish appeal gives birth to this feel of elegant feminism, which is indeed hypnotic for cruder male senses…

    Very sensual Sowmya…

    1. You add a different perception to the concept Deba! But its always good to see different perceptions through the same verse! Thank you

  4. A real symbol of elegence and beauty, a swan can wasily become something you can admire. Creatures like this teach us certain things that we seldom notice. Good one, Soumya.

  5. Such beauty and eloquence in words. I am so in the mood for your wonderful poetic entries, dear Soumya. You are the swan who inspires me today. Blessings from my heart.

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