Connoisseur ! 
Tracks through Golden Fields of Rapeseed

Running amongst the golden weeds
brushed I, my arms
over them,
sighed they and said
"Oh! wondrous one!
Where do you flee in haste!"
To my love ! 
the one who awaits,
there ,in the meadows 
of the verdure,
whose breath
caresses my hair!
"Wait here 
for few moments
Peace never reigns in love
tranquil here is the atmosphere
choose me to your companion!"
Smilingly I kiss the weeds,
flowers wild,
intoxicating me to sleep,
I answer ,
"velvet carpet ...of which you're the king,
pricks my soft  skin
of allegiance,
my soul hath known
only  the sunflower 
to be my connoisseur".