Culpable is the evil
that held the body
in its grasp,
inconceivable became to loosen the traction
spellbound I remain !
With magical musings
 encircles a wand
hypnotizing my senses
with his beguiling charm…
I fail to figure beyond the drape
dip in enamor in fancies fake
Alas! I become a jade
losing  the fondness
as an illusive lake…
The evil vindicates
the love for him,
I turn around  and
shy away from the daze!
PHOTOCREDIT: en.wikipedia.org

“Seed of Light”

Once again thanks to the awesome bloggers who have nominated me with yet another award!


what a title!


How about seeds of light
which sowed could spread
thousand luminances like moon
in the darkness of this world
spreading a word like a boon!
prying ,prowling ever danger,
sins,crimes a usual scene,
wish these seeds could
evolve a newer life pristine!

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I cried silently in melancholy

on banks of  a river

playing with the pebbles nearby

shedding the precious  tears…


Few of the sparkling beads

got trickled in the water

diffusing scent of passionate love

in the zephyr…


Like incense , redolent fragrance

vaporized in the air

seeing the luminous crescent

radiating in the flowing river…


Blushed I , the bride for a night

awaiting her effulgent lover

a glimpse of whom

surged my feelings upheaval!


Smiled the king of my life

when the waves stirred

beckoning my love with embrace

proclaims me as the night princess.


Here I come O! my love!

Cereus ,am I called,

For a night, I bloom ,

To be with you till the day dawns!


Behold ! for I dance for a night

swaying with my lover

the ardous scene would compel

you ,to drink the drops of nectar…


Of glossy shine ,petals divine

in zeal I bask,without fear,

tho’  I know

Iam Cereus ,the night blooming flower

who blossoms in  nightime,

as crown of Nox,

only once a year!

















A – Z poetry : “V”

Read about ” The Valkyries” in my guest post on Sakshi’s blog!

Sakshi Vashist

One alphabet as a muse at a time. Here is “V”



Victory for those who  dies courageously,

Valuable are the souls who fought nobly,

Valhalla awaits the arrival of the brave ones,

Vanity is never a pleasure for the destined sons…

Vendetta brings on the verge every clan,

Velour clothed men die in valor,

Valley of Fjordane echoes with trots,

Valkyries arrive with a predestined notch!

Vanquishing every evil of the region,

Vanish the storming Valkyries in the verdure,

Versing a true form of Valiance,

Vignetting the history of Odin and his warriors! 

Written by the incredibly talented poetess Soumya! Must check out her blog and book…

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Tis’ the !

Tis the mist in the air

kissed who my crimson cheeks

dew drops fallen roll down

like translucent  pearls polished !


Tis the petal of the rose

fragrancing the wind blowing

satin feel brushed the lips

pink they became blushing !


Tis the cloud dancing

which shrouds  in the drizzle

embracing me tightly

pulling for a  flight, makes me puzzle.


Tis is the blossom of love

which bedecks my smile

every touch brings ecstasy

beguiling becomes the charming life!









In vacuum search my eyes

a new invisible dimension
where an image exquisite
travels far away to different destination.
through the clouds of time and space
reach I ,in the skies of no man's land,
thousands of asters move around
radiant and effulgent.
Move I with the supersonic speed
feeling the wetness of dew on the skin,
cold become the intoxicating  zephyr
as I reach beyond the
universe with the flowing stream.

watched I astonishingly the unique world
unaware of which ,is the mere human,
entangled who lives in memories
of logical reasoning
forgotten who has the power of the subconscious.

neither a face can I see
nor a body outlined
endless illuminations floating
like colored sparkles in air...
Moving continously through a path
they pause for a second
to greet another and move on...

calm ,serene is the air
souls emit luminance
glittering stars equate as  plain,
ecstasy overpowers the human brain.
blissful is the aura 
spectacular is the diffusion of lightings
awestruck I wonder
of the sight entrancing...
What is thy creation!
O! Supreme soul,
I salute you
for you revealed
your pinnacle.


110 Creative Challenge Contest – CHEATING !

Written for the The whitescape  110CC-contest, http://wp.me/p2JgCk-le

110 CC contest theme is CHEATING   


Through the slit of the window pane

I gaze  at the rainbow shine

as a tiara of the sky

bedecking the azure divine…

Vanishes it like a magical trick

within a momentary  blink,

 I  focus my eyes again

between the panes

to envision the coloring.

The smiling sun promises to fetch

my dearest enchanter

back at my window pane

for my pleasure.

Days pass,months go,

I await the sparkling crown

staring at the sky above

there’s nothing for which I am proud…

Cheated the sun through the season

intensely , scorching my heart

Hoped I for its return

the rainbow I never saw again

for the raindrops lost the path….






There was this golden chrysanthemum

shone who like the rising sun,

amidst the vast spread verdure

playing with dewdrops of nature…


Stood it under the blaze

gazing at the fiery daze

even though  the tired lark

veiled behind the comforting shade!


Watching the traveler

pass by the fields

wondered it

what lies forth behind the hills!


Where doth the running stream flow


the soul of florets

seeing the gushing current go!


Dancing clouds went by

tweeting birds

broke the solitude

butterflies amused for a while

dusk brought everything

silent and anew.

Sings the gilded one

tousling her floral skirt


“The green field in which I was born

I live here until my breath last…

damp soil of my land

 holds me upright lest I fall

thence Iam here until I perish

for deeply rooted Iam

in blithe!”