Live every moment of life fully!

Diary of a mind

When the weather seems harsh and the conditions deteriorating,visibility diminishes and the sight weakens,

it is good to stop for a while ,rest and pause before resuming the journey!

Life has  different seasons just as various colors of the rainbow,where each one symbolizes different wavelength and character,so does Life which has tides as crests and falls,only to recede back within the sea again.

The waves from the sea flow in a motion uniform and beautiful to touch the shore ,not to stay there or enhance the beauty of the sands,but to return back with the same beauty as soul which amalgamates in the universe when the life is over.

Like every aspect of nature,life blossoms and then withers at the end.

We need to value every second of this precious existence , living fully every breath of life.

For time wasted in grief,lamentation,jealousy and repentance shall never come back.


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ALCHEMY (noun)

: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting






Slender attractive

enamoured is the beholder

mesmeric beauty of

fair long fingers…



to feel the

touch of the texture…

I bow and ask

for her hand

with romantic gesture!


With grace she places

her hand in my palm

accepting my humble love

Astounded I get

by the hypnotism

as I notice the gorgeous fingers

turning into

an alchemy of love

as  petals of lotus!