Winner at NaNoWriMo- 2013

Hi everyone !

I am so happy and delighted to announce that I have completed  the challenge of writing a novel for  NaNoWriMo in flat 30 days . They have declared me as the winner because I was able to finish off in time . Its a great feeling to have achieved the goal ,as I always felt I didn’t have that patience of writing a novel.But this time I did try to push myself. For that I stayed away from WordPress for long and so missed many of the posts of my favourite bloggers.Yet I feel I can now catch up with everything,meanwhile you can read the short fiction,on the given link.

The beautiful badge as a NaNoWriMo winner makes me feel great and happy!


Catch up with the story here when you have time and please share your views too for my first attempt to write a novel…

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me and to encourage me forever!


 The doe eyed stared with a  mysterious look
gently rustling amidst the woods
fleeing  in  the dense  forests,
as my heart gets hooked…
Long slender leaves make
a perfect camouflage
peeping from behind the blades
a silhouette of charismatic gaze…
Wondrous walk ,measured steps,
fragrance spreads as she shakes her head
in the dark sultry nights,
hypnotizing is her image…
Starry sky twinkles
as she slips on  her derriere
glossy skin radiates
spell bounded I watch
the piquant …
submerging in the ocean like a mermaid!


My deepest gratitude to Nirvani of for considering me worth for this gem of an award!


This award is granted to poets who show a profound understanding of spirituality in their writings.

I would like to gift this special award to the poet who has  a divine gift in his words and whose thoughts shine with spirituality! Wendell

What  is spirituality? For me:


“A bud fragrant

discovering to bloom

unfurling petals

whilst dangling high up on a branch

or in shrubs crowded prickled with thorns

in waters calm or stagnant

it sways with  elegance

untouched by the filthy grunge.

Embracing the light that dawns upon

loving the breeze which touches the petalous form

soaking in rains ,submersing ,

the bud transforms into a precious flower!


A shriek from the realms of the heart
Echoes down within the veins
Swiping away the sweet melody
now breathes  the saddened symphony….
Bruises unseen felt ,when touched
respire through the open wounds,
The salve to soothen the lesion
Has vanished in the dark…
Words of comfort can't
calm the ache, as a sojourn
cannot blossom the flowers
Of a dying barren state…




Written for Trifecta writing challenge

A story of every soul who took his time to realize the true self within!

For word ECSTASY (noun) : : trance; especially : a mystic or prophetic trance…


As a child you had learnt, ne’er believe on what you hear,
Trust the eyes what they see,envision the reality,
you grew up with the beliefs so firm
were they false or you insecure—
You questioned every word you learnt,
never convinced as you were stubborn—

Hard-work,wine,efforts are mine,
Why on earth then God should be given time?
Who is he that I need to knoweth,
Neither I cared nor I bothered to the namesake—


Years later ,life changed,
stumbled I , limped  as I stood awake,
I was alone,to my surprise,
everyone thanked God
for the extended time…
Awestruck I inquired ,
heard the lines,
I had been dead since ages,

Now my soul is back
I am fine, I am alive…

Tears flooded my eyes and heart,
I looked up in the sky
filled with ecstasy
and shock,
forgetting the self I got lost
in the grace of the Supreme Lord!

Connoisseur ! 
Tracks through Golden Fields of Rapeseed

Running amongst the golden weeds
brushed I, my arms
over them,
sighed they and said
"Oh! wondrous one!
Where do you flee in haste!"
To my love ! 
the one who awaits,
there ,in the meadows 
of the verdure,
whose breath
caresses my hair!
"Wait here 
for few moments
Peace never reigns in love
tranquil here is the atmosphere
choose me to your companion!"
Smilingly I kiss the weeds,
flowers wild,
intoxicating me to sleep,
I answer ,
"velvet carpet ...of which you're the king,
pricks my soft  skin
of allegiance,
my soul hath known
only  the sunflower 
to be my connoisseur".



WRITTEN FOR Edward's Under A Romantic Monday.

Tinkles the anklet shimmering silver,
calls out your name..
out of shiver...
the gorgeous ghaghra swirls 
swaying my thoughts...
do they reach you...
as I tiptoe and dance...?
 bangles ,the beauteous  wonder,
clinks ...
longing to  
get touched 
by the lover...
speaks the heart loudly
with thundering beats...
where hath my soul
has anyone seen him near?

He went deep into the forest,
Searching for some wood to burn,
I look for him everywhere
I pine and I yearn!

O! my Love!
ignites the fire...
waiting to enkindle your spirit,
echoes the soul , 
beckons your beloved...
with embrace of her warmth... 

* GHAGHRA: Indian traditional skirt,long ,embroidered and pleated!
* ANKLETS: jewellery of silver or gold worn in ankles.


Written for Ermilia’s blog: “PICTURE IT AND WRITE”


The mirror of life 
ornamental ,
exquisitely  intricate,
reflection is

 distinct and clear,
you  glow
 the skin radiates
the milky white 
of scintillating cleavage  clear!

Alas ! The wondrous pattern 
of  life remains always hidden,
bedecked on your gorgeous back
it is a mystery forever...
neither it explicates 
the logic...
nor the reason of
getting allured...
beautiful butterflies 
fly and allude
trying to convey a message unclear!

 there's no mirror at the rear,
to exhibit 
the truth surreal
Paint a face of vibrant colors
virtually visible to every peer!

WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: UP ( high above he dwells)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.

up in the air
up in the air
kites flying high
kites flying high
coloured horizon above
coloured horizon above
sri lankan architecture
sri lankan architecture
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
artistic and exquisite
artistic and exquisite
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
grand and exotic
grand and exotic

I , a minute being on earth,

as I gaze at the sky,

far above

I find life…

flying in the blue skies..

sometimes in form of fluffy clouds,

amidst which the kites fly,

in the heaven far above,

shades of crimson highlight

the twilight

from where  the creator

 keeps an eye

on the tiny world

assuming to be  high



on the ceilings

of the universe

where thousands crystals sparkle

here I lie on the ground

being scrupulous

of  life forever…


In waters knee deep,
I waded through the flowing stream,
the cold water 
kissed  my senses freezing ...
Fishes swam and jumped ,
touching my toes to nibble,
the weeds loved to  hug
my calves ...
as I  slowly walked 
and stumbled...
the water splashed 
...few sparkling blue 
lights dazzled..
in the darkness ...
the shoal moved 
with beauteous grace
and shining...
glowing small lights flew 
above my head 
 vanished through the blue,
I saw the glow flies loving the night
as no one had ever could,
amidst the silent forest ,
a sudden splurge of radiance shone,
nymph of the forest appeared
to guide me 
to the  unknown! -