The flames!

Ravishing, the tender filaments , those which tie the twin souls often swayed which in  breeze of amor dipped in pool of sacred nectar… unraveling the knots of past and present which were long forgotten vis a vis ,the flames of destiny burning on the candle of verve …

The silvery streak !

through the broken pane of thy window, peeps the silvery streak glows thine radiance in luminous waves why doth it then steal the charm of thy cheeks, knoweth it not, thou art mine, mingles it in thy silken locks, rusheth out quickly, hiding behind the grey peaks …

On that perch!

O! The singing herald chirp on that perch which awaits the sunshine and seeks hope… on the branch emerged few new leaves tender  and fluorescent green… no, it still isn’t that strong enough to hold the nest of life, yet it remains unbent and straight in days of storm and strife… Withering season marked the… Read More On that perch!

Thou! Champa!

O! Thou! tranquil peace of my heart I await your presence soak me by thy shower of fragranced love utterly in delight, I whisper! between the breath of mine and thine dances the pulsating heart that which once was mine now adorns as your part! Look! thine magic worked upon the mystique feeling is on… Read More Thou! Champa!