She walks in the night

glowing and bright

like a wave that touched the

silver shore…


With lovely caress of

her silken tresses,

like the grey clouds kissing

the moon above….


with a mysterious look

she glances around,

as the lovely stars that

peep on the ground..


Fragrance fills the air

where she goes,

sweetly as the

tranquiled  rose.


A twinkle in her eyes.

a gleam rich and divine,

she moves forth

with the air that flows…


Every soul dreams of her

she glides amongst the

clouds in heaven…

when a hand holds

her with comfort,

she stays with him

in life forever.

29 thoughts on “SHE !

  1. This piece is like a necklace of healing stones that a soothsayer puts around your neck, n you flip out of this world, into Paradise….

    Beautiful, I agree with every commenter…

    1. Wow! Thts a great compliment ! You added the magical touch that my words seem to have,but it in fact came thru your wonderful appreciation ! Thanks a lot! 🙂

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