You returned back with silent steps
 I sensed the difference in the air
  which abruptly breezed 
   through my heart ...

disseminating your love
 yet again in my arms
  embracing the thoughts
   I breathe the air of your love
    fervidly to feel the fire...

without a word for me
  you quietly peep and disturb
   the rhythm of my thoughts
     playing the song of your love....

Written as per the :
Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space.


Through the transparent glass I view

A glimpse of virtual life,

disguising as an enrapturing astral

Transcending from the sky…


The Milky way lights the darkened path

For the star  to travel down

that descends  with million sparkles

From the magnificent heaven….


A predestined womb awaits the ephemeris

The soulful life to be absorbed

Into an existence

For miracles to flow …


Emanating from the origin of universe

The divine soul radiates

 manifests  the  Absolute

Embodying as the child

of a  graced woman

who is  blessed

by the Supreme Creator  himself!