My dazzling diamonds lose the sparkle as you are away,

shining glimmering throughout the day,

They miss your breath under the blue…

Dimmed gets …their glittering,

when thousands of similar ones reappear in the midnight hue…

They crave to get glistened  with your touch ,

to bathe away the sorrowness submerged ….


19 thoughts on “DAZZLING DIAMONDS

  1. Sizzling! Each word ‘sounds’ so good, and the ‘speaker’ in the poem is every man’s dream. I love the thought, of the ‘diamonds’ losing their dazzle and regain them – and their are many who believe in the powers of crystals who would find that notion very interesting. The picture at the end reminds me of the real diamonds – very clever!

    1. Oh ! thts lovely way of expressing your likeness for the words! They do really become diamonds and are precious if they await for the return and so in the yearning lose the sparkle.. Thanks for liking it.

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