I have lost my pen its nib – golden once scribbled ceaselessly while the world retired to the cushion of comfort every night the quill loved to brush against the papyrus…   leaking on blank pages the painful emotions which were witness of sordid transitions helplessly, yet as a powerful weapon narrating every encounter thus… Read More THE LOST PEN


photocredit: googleimages   In the catacomb lies the book undusted,flipping pages across folds of time… in sepulcher rest myriad thoughts buried emotions locked inside the heart’s vault’ in labyrinth , like a untangled mesh they lived weltered amidst the scallop of mess… kabbalistic the epitaph on the stone reclines in slumber the manuscript.


Faraway in the coppice echoes the shrill of a cuckoo she who sings for her beloved in melancholic blues… The ripe blossoms of mango trees disperses through the grove Crossing the hill, nearby reaches the hamlet offshore. Halt! Awaits who in the courtyard The lonely lass for the pulse of her heart alike the cuckoo,… Read More Herald


I’m in the pearls those which adorn the earth with their exquisite beauty… watching your delicate steps on the nearby meadow rests where my soul in drops of dew spread … breathing the perfume that you once wore fragrances which my heart as the lilies droop more… quietly I whisper your name vales and hills… Read More DEMURE

Silver sky

I walk under the grey clouds for distances to get a glimpse of the silver sky, where the golden ray strikes and pierces through on the dead patch of ground on earth darkened since long!


  My thoughts in vacuum I cannot form a cloud… Empty,plain,artless My thoughts become When the muse vanishes In a hazy cloud….   I try to create and recreate yet fail everytime the one in which you transformed luminescent and transclucent I search in folds of time…   pastels ,brush, a canvas, I hold in… Read More THE PORTRAIT