Minutes before the show ended,a shadow moved out rapidly ,

before anyone could notice, it sneaked through the side exit,

It was dark everywhere, stumbling on something,

the creepy one said'” Oh! I am sorry”,

the victim of the squashed feet,

replied,”What makes you so hurry “?

“Leaving the climax in the middle,

are you getting hungry?”


Even before the mysteries unfold,

whilst the crowd is enjoying more,

what makes this crawly creature go?

The one who was seated along the rear corner,

thought and gasped for a moment,

Is he a terrorist who vanished in the middle?


Hurriedly he moved out,

asking the security to check the silhouette.

Moments later the personnel came,

nothing in particular,”You are safe”,they said…

The man could not believe them

as the shadow had disappeared at once,

He tried to call the police cell,

contacting the main people of the multiplex,

Everyone reached the panicked stricken man,

calming him as much as they can…


Ultimately things got revealed,

that the silhouette was not a terrorist,

He was a well-known star of the movie whose premiere was being exhibited,

he had sneaked in between,

to watch the reaction of his audience ,

watching  his critically played character on-screen…