This week’s writing challenge is to finish “I wish I were…” and here is my beautiful small wish…..











I wish I were an angel of  the heaven,

from where I could  get  a glance ,

of everyone on this beautiful earth,

peeping inside their minds and hearts…


I wish I could sprinkle some humanity on the barren land,

where humans have forgotten to respect their species and  clan…

I wish I could use my wand and let sorrows vanish from the broken  hearts,

spreading a bit of golden  sunshine in everyone’s empty courtyard…








(photocredit: abstract.desktopnexus.com)



I wish I could twirl around…

and do some magic to re-liven the spirits

of the dead souls on the earth,

who are supposed to be exquisite…


I wish I could talk to the ones,

who have loved me so  dearly,

that Iam not born to be with them…

but here for some other important responsibility…


I wish I could show the mirror of the mind to the lonesome losers,

showing them the power within to change the world in a  second…


I wish I were  able to express my feelings that lay  subdued within,

To the one whom I adored ,who got lost in life’s living…




In the dusts of time ,I am merely a particle blown away,

from deserts to plains, mountains and vales,

in the weather of the time,in any condition,

I just froze and sometimes got melted…


Where do I lie?what is my place?

within the infinite space,

Are there any co ordinates,

that hold me in their state?


I am just a speck in the whole universe,

does my existence …

create a difference to others?

 I am an atom of  the past ,

displacing and inciting the moments,

moving, proceeding,

transcending from the shrivels of the  time…


Lost in the storms of  yearses,

drenched in  rains, scorched in the sun,

The tiny particle of the creation…

survives the drastic changes of the world….