This title and the poem is inspired  by a Hollywood flick “THE GOLDEN COMPASS”.The title and the subject birthed many thoughts in mind and subsequently took this form…









The needle spins and rotates…

bewildering many thoughts and mind  games,

frightening fates and crumbling dates,

what does  the golden compass denote by this state..?


Golden words…golden times,

does the golden compass tell what lies in  store for future times,

strangely it moves and stops,

springing back to original form,

a whole story it explains,

beyond the comprehension of human minds and brains…


Catastrophe bewared!

betrayals announced,

does our heart listen to the

to the signs of golden compass round…?



enchanting  looks,

pure and magical in form,

fake pretenders can’t be  its muse.


In hands of noble , earnest beings,

the golden compass dwells within…

in an intuitive form…

guiding and leading anyone,

who trust and believe the Invisible One…

with its forecast by uprising  thoughts,

making a way to the mind and heart…


The Golden compass,

spins around..

on its pivot with a  firm ground,

heart being its center on top,

soul is the rotating path profound…