Like a rising sun on the horizon,effulgence radiated the corners,

beneath the ashoka tree, is an epitome of  divine source ,

the cascading branches envelope the altar ,

providing a shade to the ideal one  to wrap up…

In the torrid summer in the fervent winter,


Gracefully draped with sanctity,

endurance she garlands herself,

enkindling the flame of trust,

confronts the ten headed…

The tenheaded rules the golden land,

destiny and fate lay at his feet on command,

intelligence and knowledge he possesses ,

like no one on the universe …

Arrogance and ego echoes,

in his mind ,

demeaning every being on earth,

he held his hand on the Mother divine..

Glowing with refulgence,

a persona of calmness…

within ,she pines for the lotus eyed,

the soul of her heart,

from whom she had been separated …

in the destiny’s path…

suffering like a mere human,

she  still is a statue of patience and courage ,

her eyes have a twinkling shine ..a trust

Her soul vibrates with faith…

that her Lord will arrive at the moment destined…

to take her back with himself,

destroying and eradicating the evil…

reinstating the truth of faith…


Origami in the imagination,
flourishing ideas surface ,
sailing paper boat moves swiftly…
in the muddy waters along the gate….
jumping,sliding through the waves,
getting stuck on every bend,
little boat of imagination,
floating innocently in the rains…
down she moves,turns around,
waits for a second and spins to the ground,
again she gets a push from behind,
the queen of dreams sets sailing forthright.
watching the boat and pursuing the trail,
getting wet with the drizzling queen,
running after the white sail,
crossing and leaping each puddle….
Innocent minds run after the boat,
the beautiful one of origami shown,
without  fear of any sort,
the little ones follow their dream path…









Look how the majestic fountain beholds the glory of water in hold,

The streaming jet of vivacious stream,

bubbling and egressing like a natural spring,

How enthralling the spraying is!

captivating the minds of every muse,

The elevation that is between the fountain and the source ,

makes the fountain stream out to highest score,

like the source of our life and the soul here behind,

the greater the distance apart,

it takes that longer destined path..

The water maintains its natural grace,

descending with gravity falling interface,

humility and modesty ,

the natural water properties,

remain same  throughout ,

whether in river or a fountain profound…


An early morn,
when I saw myself in the mirror of the hall,
I was shocked to see,  small fragments in a scattered form…
Frightened I… ran to a  nearby river,noble and clear,
sitting on the banks , I looked for the image that shone
I was flabbergasted to see myself in broken pieces of time….
Hurriedly I went down the street ..
That is adjacent to my place of dreams,
On the way I   met a person,
who was honest and genuine…
Worriedly I asked him,
do you see me distorted,
He replied with a saddened face,
True ! you look! tattered in places…
Dejected and disowned,
I felt,
I fell on the
altar of a sacred shrine,
whose steps I had never climbed…
Tears filled eyes,bruised heart,
I resigned myself to the idol of thine!
A voice I heard ,
” what brings you here,
my poor child”?
I  shared my experiences,
wailing and crying all the time…
Radiance filled the chamber of the place and in my mind,
when I heard him saying,
“Don’t cry dear,
You have  a beautiful soul inside”…
The mirror which showed your image was cracked  itself at places,
The transparent river  showing  the broken part was filled with ripples ,
The person whom you asked was himself with a confused  heart,
How can you then see yourself in such shattered components  of art…
Look at me and see your soul,
for I shall show your true reflection,
whenever you are lost in this world anymore,
Come to me ,
I shall embrace your suffering and sorrows
Displaying your wonderful innermost core…


In the dreaded forests of time,

where do you wander my mind?

Brushing aside the leaves  of the trees,

moving forth to an unknown destiny…!


Stop shuffling the branches that shrug,

don’t abhor the thorns that pierce,

for they will guide you to the place,

where your peace resides since eternal age…!


Bring the joy of embracing a soul,

to the face from the heart endear,

chant the words of contentment ,

till fate takes you more near to the Almighty of the world,

whose having  a look on all your work…


Awaiting your cry,beholding the wait,

HE too cries and says  ,

“Where do you get disoriented…?”

The longing for the divine grace,

equals the seeker  and the graven image….

The soul speaks !









I  ain’t a normal being,

born to be just as another human,

Learning the ways of life,

socializing with different facial attire,

I am not born to be mere

a statue of beauty and charm…

I am not on this earth to fulfill the desires,

for which the world longs….

I am the one who blossoms and blooms within,

eradicating every evil,

wiping out the volition of a sin,

I am here to pervade my fragrance of pristine affection,

in the lost woods of the mind ,

filling the void hearts of anyone around..

with my intense devotion…

I am chosen to be the one,

infusing enthusiasm,

to initiate the kind of zeal ,

on the path of spiritualism…

What can chain my soaring feelings..

for the one divine above,

Who blessed my soul ,

to be a mother of great men on this  earth…!!!






In pursuit of happiness,

the heart wanders,

in the dense jungles or while  crossing  troubled waters,

sometimes in arms of prostitutes he searches for the ensemble,

or falls  in feet of drinking or gamble,

hallucinating the seeker,

tremendous are lures …  in the world of beguiling  desires….




Like a nomad he can roam through steep mountains and roads,

living like an ascetic renunciating worldly chores,

meditating for hours to reawaken the sleeping force,

but Alas! he gets nothing in  search of his goal…

Money ,fame he  wants  even while in robe of saffron attire,

attachments of life never he leaves till the time he is on funeral pyre,

Why to forsake all these  or embrace the worldly sins,

when nothing leads  to the  truth….

even with all capabilities…?




The light one day dawns upon him,

at the right moment with a  gleam,

when  he has been tempered with sorrows and grief,

still   loving  every soul selflessly…

For then ,shall a hand be there,

to pull him  out of  dark,

illuminating the mysterious path,

absorbing the inquisitive thought,

caressing the soul with a golden touch,

showing the right paseo,

invigorating with HIS  grace ,

in the endless journey

of seeking thee and knowing the self….




Hands drenched in the sludge,imaging form of a creation,

the wheel beside spinning and rotating,

waiting to get a heap of accumulated coagulation…

Twirled swiftly by hands of nature,

the clay tries to take an amorphous form,

The gentle,yet rough palms then …

guide and produce a new envision…

A figure of  great craftmanship,

the potter feels overwhelming,

transforming a sludgy mire ..

into an image of paradigm…

the de-airing while kneading removes all the air gaps,

converting it smoothly  to the core,

flooring ,trimming and impressing by tender touch,

an  ideal form is produced,

In the speed of the wheel spinning,

the imperfections get cleared ,

with the skill of the great hands,

artistically the clay transforms  …into  a human figure….





The tempering in the furnace gives proper heating

to the form,

changing the green structure into a permanent forge…

Decorated with intrinsic designs as the intricate emotions inside,

the figure is a perfect prototype…

of a  man being  born on earth,

like a wet sludge of mud,

he grows and begins to  live,

as nurtured of upbringing,

he creates his comfort zone of living…

Stepping in the outside world,

he gets the knock and harsh trembles,

indurating into a confidence self,

to walk on the path destined by the heaven…




While on an evening stroll I see a world full of dreams and hope,

walking beside the waters of  a fascinating  lagoon,

I find several date trees embracing the atmosphere,

well kempt lawns spreading as a carpet,

couples of all types acquiring their places…

A newly one coo-chi coos, an old duo exchange silence within,

few friends giggle with a can of coke over some kind of hilarious joke,

tiny toddlers learning to cycle,with their dads behind as their protector,

Fitness freaks jogging ahead,some are even less than their average weight,

Teen aged  boys play havoc with their skates,jumping and sliding down the trails,

some colleagues  sit and discuss work together,

few sit alone staring at the world of wonder ,

pondering and missing their dear ones,

still struggling  for  their survival…

Besides the canal as I walk,the transparent waters absorb my form,

reflecting in them my personality and providing me a new identity…

the serene waters… waves within,ripples and moves with propensity,

the skyscrapers kissing the blue paint  a new dimension,

to the aspirations  of dreaming  high,

Amidst the tall buildings ,I find myself lost..

striving to create my own platform,

in the world of dreams…

The land  where dates are born….

Turned my back!

Myriad dreams in the heart,
Of your presence and your warmth,
broke the glass of mirage,
that held the illusioned image…
The mirror of my heart envisioned,
you as an epitome,
just to later realise …
you impersonating as someone  unknown…
what do you derive …
from the shattered crushed pieces of glass,
reflecting my broken dreams ..
which I know will never last…
Genuine expressions I gave,
evincing the thoughts,
What makes you act in a miserable way,
when I still await your call?
Ignoring you ,I never imagined,
neglecting could never happen,
brushing aside my presence,
you wander forth …!
Will I ever break my shell,
in which I got enclosed,
with confidence I had shared …
my feelings out of blue…
The soul no longer wants to cry,
nor wishes to get hurt,
my heart doesn’t break now,
since it missed your pulse…
Time changes, seasons change,
everything transforms in the big game,
Now I have turned my back,
never to look back again..