(photo:google images)

Post a mail of  few words,

parceled well and tucked,

scrambled or jumbled,

scanty ,few but not one…


Put them all in an envelope,

even if not pasted or written ,

in form of cuttings

or pictures that resemble…


I shall make a world,

using those meagre ones,

along with my imagination,

I can weave a story or a poem at once…



Words simple or  solitary

 send them across,

which are closer to   you,

or considered  meaningless often…



For it has been a long time,

since I held them close,

absorbing the nostalgic scent,

which  the paper had absorbed…



While you close the envelope,

put some air of your feel,

a touch of tender care,

and a kiss  that I missed…



My treasure has emptied,

And I wait for the precious post to arrive,

To refill my casket of thoughts,

to build castles of  words in my life…