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Post a mail of  few words,

parceled well and tucked,

scrambled or jumbled,

scanty ,few but not one…


Put them all in an envelope,

even if not pasted or written ,

in form of cuttings

or pictures that resemble…


I shall make a world,

using those meagre ones,

along with my imagination,

I can weave a story or a poem at once…



Words simple or  solitary

 send them across,

which are closer to   you,

or considered  meaningless often…



For it has been a long time,

since I held them close,

absorbing the nostalgic scent,

which  the paper had absorbed…



While you close the envelope,

put some air of your feel,

a touch of tender care,

and a kiss  that I missed…



My treasure has emptied,

And I wait for the precious post to arrive,

To refill my casket of thoughts,

to build castles of  words in my life…









30 thoughts on “WORDS

  1. I shall make a world,

    using those meagre ones,

    along with my imagination,

    I can weave a story or a poem at once…===
    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  2. This is one of my favourite themes – the whole concept from beginning to end. Very well handled, with suspense and words that hit, voices shouting, all in the poem. Really well-crafted. A real social voice.

  3. Your soft words leave me breathless, and almost speechless for a moment. I am blessed to have tasted of a timeless treasure to be. Your words always find their intended mark, leaving minds dizzy with joy and envy…for your poem, which is so much an inside image of your heart oozes with delightful perfection. Your poem is a lovely jewel my sister. Thanks for bringing your smile to fill my day Soumyav!

    1. Iam really touched with your special words… the way you express your experience while going thru my poems makes me feel blessed.Thank you Wendell for all the love and affection.

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