Breathing deep suspiring sighs,

in your  long absence

with lows and highs,

for the unending  days and nights ,

respiring  amidst the array,

my heart awaits your reappearance…



Like a fluttering leaf  ,

it sheds some dew drops ..

bedecked on it by the nature’s song…

Like a gorgeous butterfly ,

it sits and dances,

twirls around the beautiful florescence …








(photo: googleimages)

As if the river is yet happy again,

to flow and unite with the…

ocean deep…

As the dynamic  bird flying high ,

merrily gliding to the skies,

to touch the magnificient high peaks…



Alike the sweet flower of the valley,

where the royal bee  swarms and dips,

to suck the nectar of the one 

that attract its  bee stings…








Without the feeling of your warmth,

the heart still beats …

awaiting for your comeback,

immersed in abstract thoughts…

The long anticipation, a tender promise,

which gestates  for the moment unseen,

yearning for ventilation ..

Of the hidden lovesome  feelings…

39 thoughts on “MY TENDER HEART

  1. one thing which i really wonder, how do you come with such a beautiful poem everyday ! And , you describe very nice. Something which i can learn from your blog is to you use new and beautiful words. You have them plenty.

    1. Than kyou Rahul for saying so! its just like everyday you wake up with an enthusiasm to to do something which brings smile,contentment…and writing brings me so! A passion always brings you new words in new form/

  2. Your words are echoes from nature. You write so beautifully…
    “Without the feeling of your warmth,
    the heart still beats…
    awaiting for your comeback…”
    You have a way of eloquently bring the reader into magic.
    thank you…Millie

  3. Your words this morning leave me breathless! Your poem is stunningly beautiful and it captures the true passion of deep longing and pure love. Thanks for allowing me to awake to such an amazing gift Soumyav!

  4. That is truly amazing. It’s like you reinvented the English language and forged a diamond out of it.

    You are one of the few poets I have come across that manages to write with a fluent voice, use beautiful words and still be understandable.

    Happy I came across this blog at 7:30 in the morning… Yes, I have a 2-year-old. 😛

    1. Thats a real precious compliment as a diamond itself! 🙂 Thank you so much for being here on my blog and reading this and liking it. Your comment is itself more inspiring..

  5. hey hi soumya..
    everytime you come up with the beauty and the essence in every word written by. By now i was imagining, like how you nurture yourself to this poetic world. Everytime imagining and expressing with full of zest and co relating with the natural world. You rock sumya..

  6. Too lovely for mere words… dictionary doesn’t hold any.
    A longing….a wait…. The hope of return of a loved one.
    “As if the river is yet happy again to flow and unite with the ocean deep….” sigh! It’a so soothing and calm.

  7. It’s beautiful! The river is always happy to unite with the ocean! And knnow not how long it travels before finally falling into his arms, losing itself! All the tough deals it takes up in the journey is lost and forgotten the moment it unites! Loved to re-read it:)

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