I, poverty, thy destitute figure of humanity,
In rags and mud , I am strewn,
Crushed by offsprings of  supremacy
An illegitimate child of power , Iam,
littered ,cluttered , scattered
The bitter truth of the world,
I, poverty, the homeless progeny…
… of the created hypocrisy…
Broods who in thousands ,
agonize in vacillating hearts…
never fathered by the dominions
although I am stripped and denied my part,
dither none, the authority stands unfretted,
I die and get buried
in the human carcasses…
to appear again in another misery
I, poverty, indigent is my form!

4 thoughts on “I AM POVERTY

  1. Well said, Soumya! The illegitimate child of power and hungry capitalists who use the poor as a ladder for wealth. The poor are exploited at every end and stacks of money are made at their own expense. What is rightfully theirs is denied. It’s day light and legitimate robbery.

    1. Its the imbalance that needs to be wiped out first. And this is surely possible by collective efforts of government and people . The need is to have an urge to create a system and nation of good strength with stability.

  2. So true you said, soumyav!
    Again, unfortunately there are many people condemned to live in poverty, hunger, thirst and lack of education. Something must be done. But what? Multimiliardarii will never feel the hunger of the needy, and governments do not care. All struggle just to achieve their own interests. It’s really sad that!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, soumyav! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stefania! Its true everyone is busy mending their future and are least bothered for others,but if any efforts are made collectively by governments and people,they shall bring certain changes .Its all to be realized and then acted upon.

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