Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words– SOLITARY TRAVELER


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As a solitary traveler , I gazed at the whole panorama,the world beyond the overlooking horizon seemed far off. The path of pursuit ,the road to success had been a lonely one which laid back many friends and created several foes.

As I walked through the frosty fields on the wintry days, I fought against the chilblains which numbed my senses.

Had it been a regular path , my acquaintances would have been always around,supporting,criticizing and mocking at my ventures. Yet this was something different, the efforts had started showing up and more when I stood here atop this mound alone under the blue heaven.

Till my eyes could perceive,the landscape offered beautiful and an enchanting view,one of the rarest of mother earth and this life. But amidst this wonder of human life, I stood alone facing the chilling winds piercing my cheeks and bones with its splendor and character.

Does everyone who tries to get success or who walks on a different path stands alone,thought my soul?

The world works in a certain way and whoever chooses to traverse a path which hasn’t been much travelled, scorning eyes and mean looks scrutinize your decision and intention.

Hardly anyone realizes that noble thoughts and ideas can ever persuade anyone to opt for the most ideal path for the perfect destination.

Success brings everything and yet leaves every hand that was held once,is a common saying.

But this is in case of people who have cared more for their ambition and goal rather than everyone around.

For the ones, who are focused with their aim ,yet care for the welfare of mankind of one and all,can never remain alone. Such people shall have the inspiration and encouragement always behind them in form of  words of the loved ones and the presence of good wishes.

So here I stand ,alone or in solitude?

I wonder what is true,

Do I have the wishes of one and all

or am I , the lone traveller

treading on the path of life

dispersing seeds of love and affection.

My destination far off,

One I hath reached…

The real peak lies far ahead

to where I  walk  with more determination..

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words.


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