The trivial mind

Wonder I of the shallow words and churning of thoughts satisfied with simple pleasures ne’er touched by façade of life’s learning miles away from the biggest ocean… ne’er drenched or even wet the wisdom drops, slip over the surface oiled with comforts and petty measures… one dimensional image of the trivial mind remains submerged in… Read More The trivial mind


  Isn’t the orchid pale today or the azure lost its hues in frosty weather the pink lilies too seem dull when the dusk appears little purple than the scarlet pier…usual forgotten in dead remains as ashes they scatter in dust reminiscences of the beloveds who died one fateful night last summer… again prevails the… Read More PURPLE


DEATH I simmer in the boiling emotions of past Oh! death ! it isn’t that easy to sleep in thy arms, before the world awakens in duty is immersed my heart. Would thou ever survive a second in such life , craving for a glance… Oh ! death! thou ignorant of the mortal ways of… Read More DEATH