rumblings few cannot deter the elan the zeal borne out of enthusiasm and charm betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions wins the way , Thou! solitary heart… Thou, hath seen enough storms tornadoes that wreck and leave torn yet thy ship has sailed through turbulence , with faith and courage , in every voyage… when… Read More “Elan”


while the mind gets narrowed with borders and limits the heart constricts suffocating emotions and sentiments regardless of realization acts a human foolish fanaticism becomes the idol of this age… Those extreme views which ne’er hath profited mankind shreds the skin with a scrape such thoughts guile and uncanny knoweth not this is not progress.… Read More Fanaticism


I, poverty, thy destitute figure of humanity, In rags and mud , I am strewn, Crushed by offsprings of  supremacy An illegitimate child of power , Iam, littered ,cluttered , scattered The bitter truth of the world, I, poverty, the homeless progeny… … of the created hypocrisy… Broods who in thousands , agonize in vacillating… Read More I AM POVERTY


                                                                                   (photocredit:picstopin.com) Arresting the motion of  the dynamic flow, halts the progress of  a learning soul, clipping its wings , it lays chained, fluttering to fly over again!  . . Liberating the thoughts of restless  mind, extending the horizon beyond time, frees the clutched expressions lying dead  inside … . . Maneuvering the churning notions,… Read More PROGRESS