rumblings few
cannot deter the elan
the zeal borne out of enthusiasm
and charm
betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions
wins the way , Thou! solitary heart…

Thou, hath seen enough storms
that wreck and leave torn
yet thy ship has sailed through
turbulence , with faith and courage ,
in every voyage…

when piercing words like darts
and bled the
innocent heart
Thou! solitary heart
like a calm breeze
the bruises of thyself
with divine charm




while the mind gets narrowed
with borders and limits
the heart constricts
suffocating emotions and sentiments
regardless of realization
acts a human foolish
fanaticism becomes the idol
of this age…

Those extreme views which
ne’er hath profited mankind
shreds the skin with a scrape
such thoughts guile and uncanny
knoweth not
this is not progress.

worrying,the situation
the fiend views
filthy minds put all at stake…
how shall the human race survive
how doth this world be saved?



I, poverty, thy destitute figure of humanity,
In rags and mud , I am strewn,
Crushed by offsprings of  supremacy
An illegitimate child of power , Iam,
littered ,cluttered , scattered
The bitter truth of the world,
I, poverty, the homeless progeny…
… of the created hypocrisy…
Broods who in thousands ,
agonize in vacillating hearts…
never fathered by the dominions
although I am stripped and denied my part,
dither none, the authority stands unfretted,
I die and get buried
in the human carcasses…
to appear again in another misery
I, poverty, indigent is my form!

The Final meet

the earthly pastels saw the morning dawn,
when the lush green meadows
ran through the long stretches...
met the flowing brook whilst on their way
...little flowers bloomed and kissed
the charming sway.

the tiny weeds along the path
brushed and saw the new grasses born...

and far away a cry reaches another ear,miles apart
across thousand seas, under the vast stretched sky
echoing semblance of loved thoughts
singing epics of the eternal bond ...

here arrives on the heart of the ultimatum
on the verge of the universal sphere
in the aura of the pristine atmosphere
under the colours of the azure
amidst the fragrance of thousand jasmines
the final meet..
the unison of the earthy colours with the golden aureate
destined and predestined to meet...




Arresting the motion of  the dynamic flow,

halts the progress of  a learning soul,

clipping its wings , it lays chained,

fluttering to fly over again! 



Liberating the thoughts of restless  mind,

extending the horizon beyond time,

frees the clutched expressions lying

dead  inside …



Maneuvering the churning notions,

channelizing rightly the emotions,

letting the spirit steer ,

to guide the soul’s questions…

it soars

towards the open sky,

directional  and focused.



relinquishing  the fears,

secreting  sheer exuberance ,

inquisitive the mind becomes,

then progresses forth,

every individual!



A plant beside I had seen,

growing into a magnificent tree,

Years of endurance reflecting,

in the  hurricanes unseen!

Small and delicate when  it was,

it bent for a minute …

to let pass the turbulent storm…

through its gaps and its ends …

without breaking in any form…

While growing it became mightier,

trunk sturdy…

branches heavier,

it stood there in the scorching sun,

bearing the heat … to become the tougher one!

It now has an audacious presence,

shadowing refuge…

sheltering feared senses,

no tempest now can bend a branch,

Intrepid ,dauntless it stands to watch!

Alas! Mankind never learnt …

How to survive from a tornado!

Crumbled it gets to pieces …

When the glass of dreams get shattered! 


Its evening time and he walked down the street that went straight to the sandy shores. The hustle bustle of the town nearly fades away as the street bends around the edges and moves towards the golden beach.The crowd too starts disappearing as the road moves on.

Rarely do people  walk across this road for everyone is busy in their fight for survival.

People having families sometimes occasionally drop in there,for the sake of their children who like to run and build castles in the sands.

He ran his fingers through his soft hair and walked on gazing at the serene atmosphere and the sky which showed reflections of thousands of colours that he never saw before.Was it the sky that was giving him an indication or was he been open to the vibrations now?

It was a mystery.

It always is.Nature at every step gives us an indication of the happenings that are going to affect our lives,be it good or bad.Its just a way of providing hint from the invisible one to us,the ones who always believe the things visible or seen.

For some even feelings and emotions shouldn’t matter too ,as they are not seen but just felt. Human mind always has the reasoning ready to defend the poorly conceived ego held   inside just to satisfy the hunger of being superior or important.

As he stepped in the sands of the quiet shore, a sudden feeling of calmness grasped him.Never had he felt so relaxed and soothing . The touch of the beautiful sensation of the golden particles made him smile unknowingly at nothing. He didn’t care of what the people around him were thinking or saying. He just went on…slowly into the waters that came in form  of gentle waves to touch and kiss the shore.

So pure and selfless they looked,rising falling over the sea,reaching the shore after bridging the long distance of the sea ..and then simply touching and returning back from the shores without grumbling.As if it was their work to be endlessly in the cycle of such a game.

The sun had set now and the moon with the galaxy of stars had stepped in.The sky looked amazing and the view very enchanting.Nevertheless,he had never noticed such a moment in his whole life with such focus and observation.He again smiled back ,this time engulfing the fresh breath of air around him as if rejuvenating his mind and soul..

The next morning he got up unlike the rest of the days,early and on sunrise.With a fresh zeal of enthusiasm and smile on his face and in his heart, he started the day with full passion.

Every stress and tension that had swallowed his peace of mind had vanished and he could see the colours of the sky more clearly than ever.








“Come back”,

Spreading his arms he beckons!,

“Embrace me with your presence,

Without you , its just a waste,

of life and the glittering pleasures…”


“Don’t turn your back”,

He pleads,

“I will listen to your suggestions,

deriving joy from simple things..

will  now be my natural behaviour…”


” How do I convince you of my promise and decision,”

He utters ,

“Finally after so many setbacks ,

I have learnt this gist of nature…”


“Stay here with me in my heart for ever,

I shall spread thy radiance ,

around me and the ones who need ,

the very everlasting joy  in large measures…”


She turns around,

Rushes back  to  be in his arms,

getting absorbed in his soul,

He smiles and rejoices the moment ,


 The beautiful HAPPINESS  sojourns

in his heart forever…






While on an evening stroll I see a world full of dreams and hope,

walking beside the waters of  a fascinating  lagoon,

I find several date trees embracing the atmosphere,

well kempt lawns spreading as a carpet,

couples of all types acquiring their places…

A newly one coo-chi coos, an old duo exchange silence within,

few friends giggle with a can of coke over some kind of hilarious joke,

tiny toddlers learning to cycle,with their dads behind as their protector,

Fitness freaks jogging ahead,some are even less than their average weight,

Teen aged  boys play havoc with their skates,jumping and sliding down the trails,

some colleagues  sit and discuss work together,

few sit alone staring at the world of wonder ,

pondering and missing their dear ones,

still struggling  for  their survival…

Besides the canal as I walk,the transparent waters absorb my form,

reflecting in them my personality and providing me a new identity…

the serene waters… waves within,ripples and moves with propensity,

the skyscrapers kissing the blue paint  a new dimension,

to the aspirations  of dreaming  high,

Amidst the tall buildings ,I find myself lost..

striving to create my own platform,

in the world of dreams…

The land  where dates are born….


From the pages of history,

I bookmark a leaf  to read,

which is to me 

 of utmost priority,

The day when the earth shook,

the world around got shocked and hooked…


A king had been disgraced from his worth,

from his place,

to lead a  life like a normal being,

struggling for a coin ,

irony of the life had brought..

what fate upon the noble wrought…

who dispersed coins and money as such…

as if he had treasure unearthed…


Destiny had her word around,

and now the king looks in search of ground,

where he can get some shelter on…

for  his kith and kin to shroud…

But see this man of great  virtue!

never he feared  the world so untrue,

his faith in the greatest creator of earth,

makes him always  stand apart…


For him,nothing is small or big,

work is victory ,

he does feel,

with a hope and wish in heart,

a zeal to win back the kingdom lost,

he fights back with all fervour,

with the blessings of the God…


I am still to find the page down there,

in the book of  this chronicle  fair,

the day when he shall reign the place,

that has been lost due to the fate’s play…

flicking the script of destiny,

I am awaiting the momentous  moment to begin…