whence shall I be freed from the bondage of destiny
in blind clutches,
tied securely with strings
Breathlessly the body sinks,
ageing with the duties endlessly…
the cluster of orchids drooped
whilst I was busy in the chores of world
not once I got to touch the
failed the effort…
nothing earned…
why does the lonely nightingale then sing
song of solitude in melancholy
there’s a melody in her voice
inside the four walls
she sings and dies.
photocredit: king.portlandschools.org
red-winged blackbird

10 thoughts on “The lonely nightingale !

  1. Very strong ending. Tragic, but real. Tale of so many women of our times, unfortunately, who are imprisoned- voluntarily as well as involuntarily.

      1. Apologies for the absence Soumya. Overload, is the word that describes the current state of affairs. But ofcourse, that means I have to manage better..

        I wish I could respond to you in poems. I can write a lot, but not poems… This gift that you have.. I am jealous.

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