Attached , detached or free?



dangling from the last twig of  topmost branch

behind the shrub of small wildflowers

amidst the verdure of freshly borne feel

while the satin petals smile and bloom

dewdrops kiss the skin

gazes the flower upto the blue

while blushing maiden peeps from behind clouds

alike the pure emotions of heart

the lily attached to its tree

yet is detached and free…

winging to the sky …through day or night

while the  moon glides




Fettered Mind



the fettered mind hell bent to break loose the cage

imprisoned since years , the thoughts unspoken


could it ever see the light

wander free in the dark blue sky

can the wondrous cerebrations acquire

an immortal shape of imagination

and manifest in the atoms of life

as a splendid creation…


within the fortified walls

as die every inquisitive vision

thence strangles the birth of novel challenges

and revolutionary interventions..


open the gates, let the bird flutter and fly

provide the wings of courage

and atmosphere of freedom

then shall soar at greater heights

fettered mind, which possesses

 an invisible power .

The lonely nightingale !

whence shall I be freed from the bondage of destiny
in blind clutches,
tied securely with strings
Breathlessly the body sinks,
ageing with the duties endlessly…
the cluster of orchids drooped
whilst I was busy in the chores of world
not once I got to touch the
failed the effort…
nothing earned…
why does the lonely nightingale then sing
song of solitude in melancholy
there’s a melody in her voice
inside the four walls
she sings and dies.
red-winged blackbird




Arresting the motion of  the dynamic flow,

halts the progress of  a learning soul,

clipping its wings , it lays chained,

fluttering to fly over again! 



Liberating the thoughts of restless  mind,

extending the horizon beyond time,

frees the clutched expressions lying

dead  inside …



Maneuvering the churning notions,

channelizing rightly the emotions,

letting the spirit steer ,

to guide the soul’s questions…

it soars

towards the open sky,

directional  and focused.



relinquishing  the fears,

secreting  sheer exuberance ,

inquisitive the mind becomes,

then progresses forth,

every individual!


Clutched down by the pinions of the world,

An avian loses its freedom to soar above,

The freedom which it deserved ,

which gave insight of every averse…

The right of flying on the high,

Irrespective of its breed or clan,

Provided it with the  insight ,

To persuade its dream with all the   might…

The free bird wishes to fly to the peak,

By efforts to put everything behind the dream,

The focus of its goal,

Is the only thing it sees,

and achieves the aim if it remains free…

Free from the clutches of the world,

for survival and to remain unperturbed,

 Mind and body works then in consonance,

If  it keeps the chains detached,

The strong elusive bonds of things,

Makes  it tied down by its wings…

Forgetting the art of using wings,

The avian lives as a prisoner’s being

Mesmerised and confused by the world around ,

It loses its way of the THEE on bound…

Let the elegant bird spread its charm,

In the sun and in the rain,

To travel on the path chosen,

And get its wings loosen,

For the beauty of the beautiful one,

lies in flying free in the serene heaven…