Who knoweth the serrated pangs of the piercing of poisoned dart Alas! it pierced and pierced. That nostalgia of the suffocating breath memories flash in  visuals history held the pen in hand  bleed the pages… prior being written. the shrill and softness of the yearn the quivering voice ,lost in sunburn, drips through the sides… Read More ADIEU!


How will the silence articulate while the vacuumed chamber resonates the ache of your memories… how shall the heart live while the deep abyss inside pines for thee… whence the smile reappear while the soul is craving for thee in the chasm.

AGE   Age gracefully as, the day transforms which beautifully into  twilight ripens the sky with different hues while  breeze gets pleasant at dusk after being sultry , mature thus like the day which merges with  darkness of night silently awaiting for the new morn to be dawned sleeping in its arms gently !