The one who rode the chariots of destiny,

leading through the earthly mutiny,

donnes a colourful plume on his crown,

playing notes of divine harmonic sound…



Guiding and escorting the wheels of fear,

Racing ahead with the reins in his control and gear,

revealing the philosophy behind principles and beliefs,

enlightening the soul as an ubiquitious colossal seer…



Echoing the conch ,dispelling the negative inhibitions,

proclaiming a combat against the hostile false egos and forces,

infusing the apprehensive soul with courage and valor,

grooming it to deal with hostile adverse  resentment in behaviour…



The innocent soul experiences the unknown and unfamiliar,

Incredulity and skepticism takes time to wash away the conjecture,

with gratitude and stupefaction, faith and devotion brings him near,

To surrender and resign his immortal tender soul,

in the feet of the eternal infinite boundless lord of the universal sphere…





Silently the heart beats speaking affectionately,

intense looks with gleamed gems,

dreaming ,fantasizing endless moments…




intoxicating freshness in the air,

flowing from mountains and valleys rare,

touched you ,brushed your way,

to reach me before I inhale…




sun and moon we see to gether,

even if we are miles away from each other,

love and despair shades of one ,

as the heart beats there….

and i get numb….




Can you read the depth of my feelings somehow,

As I write these words ,by eyes closed for now,

felt from the soul only for you,

words of  passion are missing you….



A teaspoon of sugar or a drop of honey,

effect of the sweetness remains even in melancholy,

white crystalline as the crystals,

or translucent viscous as the gel,

changing the bitterness of our tongue,

energising our reflex actions in one…


Added to or dissolved in a drink,

served invisibly in any dessert pudding,

give the same longing taste of sweet tooth,

letting us forget all the stings…


Words and tone are similar ,

in rendering the sweetness of nature,

filling one’s mind and heart ,

with love and gentle behaviour…


A humble tone is adored ,

words compassionate are admired,

A human  being of such a combination,

Is loved by everyone for spreading  the charm…