Eyes go weary and the looks look void,

For every glance the vision doesn’t define,

there is nothing  that isn’t around,

the gentle atmosphere is reverberating with poignant sound…


Imaginations conjure drawing lines of thought,

what is envisaged is of  a different form,

in darkness,whether in light,

shining luminously the picture conceived so bright!


A mind of several thousand thoughts,

Is capable of  ideating ideas,

out of aught,

in the air,

in vacuum …

It can perceive…

The very own created fanciful dream.


Such  power a  human mind has

to produce certain illusions and work on that…

vibrations of several frequencies travel,

to constitute and establish the

imagery clear!





Pacifying winds whisper rustling of the brook beside ,flowing unknowingly on the course destined,

Gratifying  experience unconsciously   uplifts the spirit , otherwise deadened by the world’s routine…!

Carrying with them the absorbed redolences,vaporizing to far away distances,

Winds of Philia winging over the hills and vales, pervading throughout their invisible presence…!

Notions of  confusion dribbling over the mind,wiped out by the invigorating vibes of a kind,

Invoking the enthusiasm for the life, passionately rejuvenating the heart decline…

Infusing the soul with eternal impressions, the  Winds of Philia leave the land forever….