Souls in transcendence!

on the falling and rising tidal waves
amidst the rough climate
surpassing every storm and  hazy days
through silent, restless nights…

after years of deplorable moments…
wandered through the dense darkened forests
searching for the soul close and intimate…
the lonesome hearts sought for real happiness…

wrenched by twists of life,
in clenched fists of relations with strife
in silence humble ,
bringing on every face a smile…
the solitary souls walked in the arid desert
thirsty and naive.…

hitherto unaware of each other
walking alone on the same path…
yet away from one another…
two distinct flames of the same Creator
come across at a juncture…

Thence, conspires the Galaxy with the stars,
to guide the souls and illumine their path…
a radiant effulgence from the heaven
burns continuously
as a wick of the lantern…
which brightens
their traversing path…

 the twin souls, thus
earn the command
of destiny and fate’s predicament
assimilating in eternal fire
of  love and existence…
becoming one in transcendence.





in the dark hours of midnight
while the moon ducked and slept tight,
the ruling stars twinkled and smiled
“we are the sparkle tonight”…
for hours they played
they ran across
in the vast sky stretched till long…
without limits without inhibitions
dressed in luminous white constellation
shined they and sang together
their own song…in cosmic rhythm.
what a gorgeous night
it turned to be
the moon was hidden amidst lap of destiny…
as the dawn neared
the stars vanished
bidding adieu to the world for a while.


A handful of  sparkling dreams,

lofty and beautiful

closed within her tender palm,

 shimmering in dark

As she spreads her arms ,

trying to embrace the heaven

the tiny fragments flew and soared

becoming stars of the celestial…

each particle has a dream,

to live in palace of harmony,

where symphony would play the tune

music becoming euphonic…

each beautiful dream emblazons

 the earth’s chamber ,

 unearthing passion

lighting  thousand  embers…





With the satin sheet of silken feel the blue sky  gives nostalgia within,
amidst the twinkling gems studded in between which bedeck the  lazuline  linen,
glows a luminescent gleam radiative bright red and fiery,
staring at the entities of the huge gigantic galaxy ….
Closer to the glowing fireball than the living  confrere ,
It heaves a sigh seeing the beautiful life there in,
varicoloured,bright shades appear,
as its glances from one magnetic pole to the other end of sea…
Myriad living organisms  in the network of  life,
Oblivious of the one who is glaring them with suspire,
It dreams of having such an pleasant atmosphere ,
where the colourful life could dwell in its sphere!
Mutely it asks the creator of the universe,
Why such biased feeling while creating the globes that are so mere,
Why should Earth have all it has,
devoiding rest of the planets with precious acquisitions…
Mercurius cries wailingly ,
appealing to the precious One,
what made me become such a hotter one,
was it the errand of Larunda that made me suffer,
 Did you forget I was the dearest messenger of yours? 


The magnetism of your charisma,
attracted my life force,
beholding a wish in the eyes,
I stargazed …
Undefiled thoughts rained,
drenching me for a while,
intoxicating  fragrances of dreams,
I emitted…
Splendour feelings shined,
as drops of precious gems,
sparkling stars all over me,
I bedecked…
Plunged and engrossed in the illusion,
Doused were the emotions,
dehydrated I became…
As I woke up…


Admiring the  widespread of a twinkling starry aura,

Staring at  the shimmering of the minute dots,

few light years away  from the earth,

pervading  smile that transmits   intensely onto the planet…

Where do  they derive the energy to glow, 

even in the darkest night with all furore,

whether its day or night,

full moon or a lunar eclipse to fight! 

Such fervour and zeal to remain the same,

a few clouds sometimes just cover their trail…

Glittering soothing astral panorama,

with stellar diamonds bedecking the aura,

enchants and enthralls ,

a loner under the darkened  sky…

The  great constellation of stars,

 what purpose they have to carry on,

 twinkling and immobile,

what eudemonia is the sight!

Mute yet powerful specks,

in their 

wordless yet inspirational ways,

sparkle and shine throughout..

radiate  lustrously in vacantness…




 Sparkling like the splendid stars,
 disposition of a twinkled heart,
shining with luminosity,
enhancing the beauty of a darkened environ…
Dispersing mesmerising fragrance,
propagating miles of happiness,
Like a florescence ,
a blossomed heart permeates…
 Melodious tunes inspiring the soul,
echoing songs of blitheness to the core,
A euphonic heart too transmits,
music harmonious to the surroundings…
  Whatever a heart transforms as!
It is the grace of divine bless,
Nurturing the bud of pristine love,
reflects the graciousness bestowed on us!


” WP ” what it means to me,

A dream world of reality,

Is it a place where we meet,

 or a platform for displaying our feats…

Dreams dreamt,

lives lived,

in  our every word,

someone else feels,

whether you know them  or you don’t

The followers ,

 following  you everywhere,

have soothing words when you need,

encouraging in times to lead,

strangers once,now are friends,

never met,still know you well…

Magical world of words and frames,

true reflections of world and the name,

feelings expressed without inhibitions,

opinions here are always welcome…

A touch wand here is our post,

which everyone swings and bring forth,

to create a new magic everyday,

for the WP world ..

and the stars in their way…