photocredit:stylonica.com Howsoever far soars the bird It has to return to its nest in time… Like a wandering nomad roams through Yet tents in places at a specific time… As a traveler, the soul voyages on earth before its assimilation with divine… When the azure turns dark and the leaves shrivel in autumn time Or… Read More Time

The trivial mind

Wonder I of the shallow words and churning of thoughts satisfied with simple pleasures ne’er touched by façade of life’s learning miles away from the biggest ocean… ne’er drenched or even wet the wisdom drops, slip over the surface oiled with comforts and petty measures… one dimensional image of the trivial mind remains submerged in… Read More The trivial mind


Who knows thou! sings the baul his fingers struck the single chord the solo of duality , he hums in remnants of the grief stricken some old souls, few shattered and broken Oh ! does it require to be a tatterdemalion or a ramshackle old pier to whisper the tunes of eternal weather while plays… Read More Remnant


  SEARCH   through the lanes and down  the streets where once stepped thy feet, I find myself on faltering knees, behold! the dust just flew thou!disappearing in the gushing wind…   the painted vase still vibrates from the touch of thine fingers, handicrafts and carpet exhume thy scent … the aromatic fragrances mingle… near… Read More SEARCH


O! Charioteer! the rein of my five senses , is in your hands, steer the chariot to march across the storm … flung open are the ten doors guide through which way I let my soul escape!   photocredit:enlightenedrumi.wordpress.com