Capability of doing wonders,bringing a smile even on dull lifeless muscles,

Ability to spread happiness in the dark hearts filled with sadness,

Skilled with intrinsic art to rejuvenate the deathly chambers,

Who has the talent so genuine to be so proficient?


Nourishing a heart with lovely notes of compassion,

Gratifying the presence by accomplishing a task with umpteen measures,

Pleasing a being with rendering beautiful leisures,

Infusing the life with enthusiasm…



These are the few traits of a wondrous human behavior,

A reflection of a persona with humbleness in nature,

Individuality of zeal and passion,

Zest and commitment to flourish cheerfulness in elation…


Blessed Iam to be a minute atom of this gigantic mission,

 Repelling upheaval vibes and creating resonance of reverberation,

Asserting a smile on my face and my lexis pouring from the heart,

I forever love to bring a gleam in everyone’s life with delight and charm….