Book Launch – “Suroor of the Soul”

As the year 2013 wraps itself in the memories of the events that occurred during the whole year and gets in the celebration mood of CHRISTMAS in few days from now, I have a news to share with all of you.

The most awaited moment is here,the launch of our poetry book  ,  ” Suroor of the Soul” at India International Centre,Delhi on 21st Dec 2013.All are cordially invited to grace the occasion and be a part of the wonderful journey.


It has not been long since “Suroor ” was published on Amazon and received a wide and touching response from everyone who has read the book. The thought behind “Suroor ” was intense and it delved deep into insights regarding the journey of a soul which wanders on earth in search of true happiness.

We all are such souls,seeking happiness in every dream,ambition and path of life ,yet we fail to experience the true feeling of it.This book dwells in such a voyage through a poetic form reflecting the real experiences of human on earth.

You can visit the website of “Suroor of the Soul” to read more about the reviews,interviews and updates regarding the topic which we  think has endless and limitless expeditions.

Also you can get updated and join through the FB page  “Suroor of the Soul”

With Best Wishes,

Soumya and Shaheen


Priceless than the costliest jewelthose which lie in the ravels of earth
or in the deep waters of ocean,
in the colours of the dancing peacock
spreads who his magnificence
within the deep jungles…
under the grey clouds striking a featured contrast…
precious than the million beauties of the universe,
excelling the comparisons of human deity
chiselled  by His  hands and tools of perfection,
glorified by His grace …
is the stature and charisma of the seraph..
the Archangel of life
who holds me high in the sky
winging me through the dense fog
with her wings of belief and love…
taking me to new unreachable destinations.


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As an eternally graced flower,faith blossoms

blindly walking through ridges

not a support to lean

falling, uprising again

in the depths of stormy seas.


Beneath the feet scorches

within the  flower prospers

mind,poor knows not

it’s the grace that pulls out of the fear!


on the hills of enormous desires

seats the serpent of lower hemisphere

he who knows it to garland o’er the neck,

blesses the soul with an  eternal cure…





What lies forth !

round the bend,where I can’t see!

A blind corner ,

a cliff dangerous,

a valley of flowers

or a dangerous rift!

Is the river flooded,

Can I cross it without oars,

will there be a boat for me

or shall the shore reach beneath my feet in seconds!!!

Is there a palace awaiting my presence

Is there a hut to shelter me in storm,

Will I ever get a tree

when I walk in the scorching sun for long!

Is this my path ,where I tread,

on which I step upon,

or was it around the last corner,

which I left across?

Restless mind, flickering flame

fickle thoughts shall ruin in vain,

brighten the dimmed light of hope

in my  heart !

O! My lord ! with your grace,

Till I walk on the road of destiny

with belief in mind and heart full of faith.


Watched I the creation in awe,
and found the universe within me,
an ocean of tender emotions,
thoughts deep as the sea,
blooming flowers of eternal love
the boundless joy of ecstasy,
sparkling stars like a blushing smile,
vales and hills of aspirations and dreams...
radiant moon bedecked my heart
rules the night horizon
an ardent lover of the sky,
he dwells within  forever...
As the golden dawn ,
illuminates the cosmos
dispels the darkness
thence resides the Divine
seated on the blossomed lotus
to wipe out  the iniquity... thy reflection I see,
of the universe
inside the core of my essence
an exhilarating propinquity!  


My deepest gratitude to Nirvani of for considering me worth for this gem of an award!


This award is granted to poets who show a profound understanding of spirituality in their writings.

I would like to gift this special award to the poet who has  a divine gift in his words and whose thoughts shine with spirituality! Wendell

What  is spirituality? For me:


“A bud fragrant

discovering to bloom

unfurling petals

whilst dangling high up on a branch

or in shrubs crowded prickled with thorns

in waters calm or stagnant

it sways with  elegance

untouched by the filthy grunge.

Embracing the light that dawns upon

loving the breeze which touches the petalous form

soaking in rains ,submersing ,

the bud transforms into a precious flower!

WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: UP ( high above he dwells)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.

up in the air
up in the air
kites flying high
kites flying high
coloured horizon above
coloured horizon above
sri lankan architecture
sri lankan architecture
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
artistic and exquisite
artistic and exquisite
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
grand and exotic
grand and exotic

I , a minute being on earth,

as I gaze at the sky,

far above

I find life…

flying in the blue skies..

sometimes in form of fluffy clouds,

amidst which the kites fly,

in the heaven far above,

shades of crimson highlight

the twilight

from where  the creator

 keeps an eye

on the tiny world

assuming to be  high



on the ceilings

of the universe

where thousands crystals sparkle

here I lie on the ground

being scrupulous

of  life forever…


Beneath the peepal tree

sat a monk

Searching for the Ultimate truth

in the depths of  time for long!


Death he saw everywhere

bidding adieu a normal fare

“joy, sadness

riches, miseries

luxuries golden

or torn  destiny…

Nothing remains

in the end of the journey

empty handed

departs the  body ! “

Doubts and queries

confused his intellect

perplexing his soul

thoughts unanswered…


leaving behind

a palace of riches

a kingdom of wealth,

Sacrificing the desires

that we love,

setting  afoot when young

he went in search

for the Real One….


The path unknown took days

to traverse

nearer he came to the Absoluteness of nature,

yet remained away from

the drops of Grace…

continuing his persistent attempt…


The gracious moment soon arrived,

the truth got revealed by Divine

when reawakening

enlightened his soul and mind….

Preached the world

the path of love

Nirvana“, he  became,

the Enlightened one…








It hasn’t been long since the pathway on which she walked everyday used to converse with her.

The routine frequent visits of the people from the nearby neighborhood,the silent tremblings of the trees with branches brushing each other merrily and soothingly.The footsteps which left an imprint on the loosely scattered dust,the marks of some four-legged creatures that came wandering here during the  night in search of prey or to quench their thirst from the nearby stream.

The path narrated innumerable stories of such trodden ones who became a pat of the lost track sometime for a moment in this life.

As if  the path enjoyed the presence of everyone that had been on it once ever.

Its life revolved around the lives of the beings those came to its acquaintance anytime.

The strange bushes that looked wild and almost bended over the way to cover it half through its width were proud to be dominating the place of such varied interest.

The colorful violets,lilies,flowers of all fantasies peeped over and over to have a look at the most intriguing pathway.

She was the only on e who understood the language of the abstract .She could read the lines of thoughts that got drawn on the canvas of the existent path. The zig zag ones spoke loudly about every living being that had traced on to this and with fond or sour memories .

Few had cursed the one to lead them into dark entangling forest,some had blessed it for showing them the light after the prolonged darkness.

It all depended on how far one went on it and in search of what !

Seekers just went on without having a second thought,enjoying the journey and the feel of such a place that led them out of nowhere and took them away from the stress.

This pathway was an integral part of her life now.She started presuming it to be her guide,her mentor,which showed her the right path and opened new dimensions out of nowhere  every time when she got stuck. The faith of the belief that the way always navigated her through the difficult times was amazing and mystical.

She had glorified the pathway in her own way and it accomplished the crown of  its proclaimed glory!






This verse defines the emotions which I have noticed and experienced  in a great devotee!



Tears of joy  trickle down endlessly,

My tender heart weeps in elation and ecstasy

for my Divine father bestowed on me,

Few petals of his selfless love

to let me discover my bliss and prosperity.


My world revolves around his epitome,

His personification exuberantly profound,

What words shall I have in his praise,

Thy lord is beyond any great man’s imaginative cage.


Embodied as a mere human,

Thy suffer and grieve like a normal being,

But where shall thou hide the aura,

the light of which enlightens

the weakened and fallen ,

the luminescence illuminates the darkness within.


Iam blessed,


to be in the circle

of your divine grace.