I want to play in the rain


happy days are here again,

I want to go and play in the rain,

drenching myself in the drizzle,

jumping around in all the puddles….

the raindrops look so much like pearls,

white …round ..and translucent from near…

like the necklace “mom’ you wear,

I wish to tie them all together…..

wet ..wet rain to feel,

It washes everything from within,

I love to dance and feel the rain,

for it won’t come back soon again…..

Frogs and cricket,

small boats and balls,

Everybody enjoys the rain song,

Let me once go and have the fun….

to feel the rain ….and miss the sun…

water splash….splash…everywhere…

makes me refreshed by smelling the air….

When I grow up like you “MOM”,

I won’t stop my little ones along,

To miss this excitement of the rain …

And will let them get drenched again & again……


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