I want to touch the rainbow!

There I leap to touch the bow,
colourful and rich in grandeur,
far it moves as I try...
the rainbow floating in the sky!!!
Like a hope of flying,
as a little birdie,
as a fluttering leaf
of a winter chilly...
strive I,to touch the ultraviolet,
the nearest hue which seems over my head,
Drizzled it few hours ago,
now the sun shines with it's glow,
moments of changing seasons and weather
I still stand there to touch the etched brow!
its envision brings smile in a moment,
yet another attempt ,saddens as I fail,
I stand back once more with a new perception...
restarting my dream endeavor.



Vividness in the design,

chromatic is the refracted  light ,

series of vibrant colours ,

form the spectrum of the visual delight!

The blue angel holds in its arms,

the arc of emblazoned spark,

augmented by the silver linings,

the bow reckons a new beginning…

Wondrously it contours and shapes,

into a  majestic and aristocratic frame,

chiselling the skies and clouds ,

perfectly in a magnificent spectral  rainbow ….


Vast expanse of the silken green spread,

Luscious pearls floating on them,

Spreading my arms and embracing the rain,

I drench myself with love forgetting the pain…

Colourful clouds of  hope cloud my vision,

when I think of you in this season,

rain drops drizzling on the fresh green leaves,

the fluorescent colour reflects the freshness of the scene..

Far away a splendid rainbow shines,

Pervading through the trees of pine,

The chromatic aura of the colours strikes ,

Creating an extraordinary sight…

Amidst the forest of conifers,

As the sound of the raindrops I  hear,

The sound ecstasize my mind my dear,

And I dance with joy everywhere…