Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern.


Patterns are a part of life. Patterns of nature surprise and mesmerize us with their charm.

Man made patterns are unique and marvelous in their structure and form,yet subordinate to the extraordinary designs of the creator!

Delicate framework in  a small bridge
Delicate framework in a small bridge
The gigantic structure shows a pattern intricate and fine.
The gigantic structure shows a pattern intricate and fine.
subtle designs as pattern of a temple structure
subtle designs as pattern of a temple structure


To understand is to perceive patterns

 Isaiah Berlin quotes


Howrah bridge ,kolkatta
Howrah bridge ,kolkatta
an intrinsic work of pattern sculpted .
an intrinsic work of pattern sculpted .


“Patterns repeat themselves in history”
Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian


pattern of colour and shape
pattern of colour and shape
Pattern of the sand in a desert
Pattern of the sand in a desert


“Perceiving the world as well designed and thus the product of a designer, and even seeing divine providence in the daily affairs of life, may be the product of a brain adapted to finding patterns in nature. (38)”
Michael Shermer, Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design


Written for Ermilia’s blog:http://wp.me/p1HrCI-14o “PICTURE IT AND WRITE”


The mirror of life 
ornamental ,
exquisitely  intricate,
reflection is

 distinct and clear,
you  glow
 the skin radiates
the milky white 
of scintillating cleavage  clear!

Alas ! The wondrous pattern 
of  life remains always hidden,
bedecked on your gorgeous back
it is a mystery forever...
neither it explicates 
the logic...
nor the reason of
getting allured...
beautiful butterflies 
fly and allude
trying to convey a message unclear!

 there's no mirror at the rear,
to exhibit 
the truth surreal
Paint a face of vibrant colors
virtually visible to every peer!

WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: UP ( high above he dwells)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.

up in the air
up in the air
kites flying high
kites flying high
coloured horizon above
coloured horizon above
sri lankan architecture
sri lankan architecture
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
high in the clouds the minaret of grand mosque,abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
grand mosque abudhabi
artistic and exquisite
artistic and exquisite
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
the interior ceiling of the Grand mosque,abu dhabi
grand and exotic
grand and exotic

I , a minute being on earth,

as I gaze at the sky,

far above

I find life…

flying in the blue skies..

sometimes in form of fluffy clouds,

amidst which the kites fly,

in the heaven far above,

shades of crimson highlight

the twilight

from where  the creator

 keeps an eye

on the tiny world

assuming to be  high



on the ceilings

of the universe

where thousands crystals sparkle

here I lie on the ground

being scrupulous

of  life forever…


 A spectrum of  colours in  life,

during the day or night,

form a wonderful prism

refracting hues

soothing and brightening our eyes!

 colours of a mucical fountain DSCF1922 DSCF1925 DSCF1931 DSCF1947 DSCF2162 DSCF2299 DSCF2300 DSCF2330 DSCF2331





Weekly Photo Challenge: Color.

Daily Prompt-Cupid’s Arrow “IN YOUR ABSENCE”

It has been 17 years since the cupid’s arrow struck simultaneously on the two of us! It left an imprint on our hearts for the rest of our life.Today he is away for his work and I wish to say him few words!!!



Wrapped in the blanket of your presence,

The  touch which turns dead into living

Caresses my heart and the spirit of love,

For my soul is with you wherever you’re,

It feels the air which you breathe,

It carries the fragrance that you pervade,

Diffusing within me the same scent

Fortifying your love’s essence.

Silken Strands of mine touch my face and speak

“Where is thy soulmate …why are you lost in dreams”?

With a smile I move aside the falling locks from my eyes,

Singing melodies of my love who is far away tonight!

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow.

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A cold gust of air always followed when she walked past .She was known for her composed nature and for being an introvert.Thick glasses,unkempt hair tied into a bun,strange peculiar crisscross patterned dresses, she always made a joke of herself,but no one dared to laugh at her due to her strict nature.Anyone could just hate her.

Yesterday she traveled to Paris for a weekend training program .Everyone was shocked to see her name on the list,how could she be selected for such a prestigious fashion program?Her companion a handsome man in thirties, outspoken and elegant walked beside making  every onlooker fall for him.

After the welcome message and a casual dinner,the guests were shown way to their rooms and informed about the schedule of the events starting from early morning, the very next day.

The lights were dimmed,chandeliers slept,wind chimes played the soft tunes of melody.

A soft touch glowed her like a glow-fly.In the silhouette,beautiful cascade flowed with aromatic perfume,the satin created magic when it covered the feel alike skin nearby,
the hard rough outline  melted into a smooth silky image. The molten bosom amalgamated into his arms.He whispered ,” I have discovered my nymph melting in depths of my time.”


(PHOTOCREDIT:google images)


Crude and rough it was,

cut and polished diamond,

bedecked the royal crown…

This post is for the HAIBUN challenge. http://ligoeditions.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/the-ligo-haibun-challenge-prompt-melt/

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt ”Melt”.

Weekly photo challenge : ILLUMINATION

Light illumines… everything…. a dark place, a lost soul, a gloomy heart and a confused mind!DSC00153 DSCF0093-001 DSCF0286 God dwells everywhere! DSCF1032 DSCF1101 DSCF1242 DSCF1284 IMG_2458 IMG_2494 IMG_2521 IMG_3137 P1000324 P1000785



Photo:(google images)



Days of silence between us,

how far have we been ushered,

trembling lips cannot utter,

the words from the core that emerged…


Even if we sit for a while
our eyes glancing in deep drowned life,
It needs a crack to break the ice,
when everything freezes within time…

Frozen remain we and our minds,
as if got  mesmerized,
long before we realize…
time shall play its own maritime…

When shocked we would discover,
the moment has passed and lost for ever,
when we could open our hearts …
to bare our soul…
as the yearning had been so afar…

Will another frame of time be there,
when the same moment,the same instant,
come again…

like fresh breathe of air,
And we shall concede and express…
the languished pining stored in our sense…

A cup of tea!


It has been very long,

since we sat together for a cup of tea in the morn,

engrossed in our work although,

the shining hours talked for our silent storm…

crispy papers fluttered beside,

chirping birds sat on the parapet’s hide,

dewy feel in the weather  enthralled..

anyone who stood outside in the lawn…

even though you loved being seated,

on the comfy sofa glued with a small cuppa,

the presence around was admired,

with the mute music playing in the background…

Come again and join me back!

on a cup of tea in hand,

listen to my few words jumbled,

soundless, dumb, calm and still however….


Law of Nature !








Let the cracking fissures of gigantic rocks ooze out the liquids,

the cracks followed by the continuous waters flowing,

how could the huge ones get crevices…

by a mere stream falling on its premises…


Cutting and piercing the hardened lump,

as if  thrusting and penetrating within the core,

laws of nature leave none aside,

the strongest one also has to surrender before the Nile…


Every object has a role to perform,

a goal unattained to achieve through perfect norms,

contending within , focussing on the purpose,

 is functionality of  every individual…

balance in the ecology then prevails,

equilibrating world’s greatest derange…