Footprints on sand thy left behind
pressed against the delicate
contour  of the steps
remain visible
even though hundreds more
trampled the shores near…
At twilight awaited
the sandy beach
for the magnanimous tides
to be swept in…
which would wash the
transient or everlasting
in the depths of sea
to unite with the ocean eternally.


strewn and scattered on the green grass ,

amidst the pearls of dew drops

silken white whorls

steal my glance

as the night silently resonates in advance

diffuse the jasmine flowers in air ,

their eternal fragrance…


beneath the shrub of life,

when the breeze swayed to fall them free

bedecked the night blooming lovers

the carpet of the satin …


bees and butterflies crave for

such beautified romance

the radiant moon watches them

with ardent looks and fluorescence.


dazzles the firefly around the branch

sparkle the petals fallen by chance

inebriating the breathe  of night

smiles the bunch of jasmine on the lawn…





climbers white and delicate

flowery intrinsic

entwine me with beauty

seducing my stillness.


slender hands I raise and bend

along the tendril with gait

touch of whose thrills my sense

like the soft breeze in ardor…


intertwines the coloured climber

my body in numerous twirls

tresses flow shyly

in glamour…

as the flowers kiss the

white laced

the statuette of love stood

pure immaculate,flawless

spotless with fragrance new

the soul gets dipped in

the lake… reflecting the virtuous moon.


harboured  the loving climber

with a passionate hold

embraced,the heart sighs

in breath of interlaced love.





With the sprays of monsoon shower
smiled the leaves and fluttered
weaving a necklace of wondrous beads
swayed under the kissing clouds over…
when the waves roared
in crest and troughs
the golden bed slept
under the moonlit weather…
Along the winds
the flowers played
singing lullaby
to the travelers…
the cascade flowed and gushed in gay
the birds merrily danced
over the branches near
fluffy balls of grey and white
played hide and seek
on the road less traveled…
Here halts my strenuous brain,
skips a beat seeing the exotic nature
Lying on the carpet of green sapphire
I inhale to treasure the gift of universe!





From the ashes of thoughts I emerge in a form

lofty I soar in the skies

 love is my soulful passion,

ardor my compassion.


For drops of blood

of ruby’s worth

dripping like

drops of precious nectar

I hold them in my cup of heart

rebirthing as the eternal amor!


Thy filled the thousand lakes of joys

But hath this not been ever seen

 lotus eyes brimmed with dewdrops

like pearls they fall and cascade there in…


left alone the body and mind

I set forth the journey with my soul

On the steep terrains

when my faith tries to slide down…


This  resile from the burnt

creates a new life,

reviving like a life from dead

from the ashes left in oblivion…





Bidding adieu to the blooming spring
 bedecks  who the earth as a queen
I embraced the scorching days of heat
with the advent of summer silently…
Sweltering heat burns the bod
falling waters are soothing halt
whilst holidays are more for fun
knoweth not mercy the glowing sun…
Yet along the shores
with a bright suntan
love the magic of  tides 
cool and vibrant !
Quenches the thirst of a drying throat
few sips of lemonade and iced melon
bright outfits add vibrancy
to the otherwise boring shores…
 Often while watering the lawn …
when the sprinkler moves somewhere else
the splashing  of the  cool spray
rejuvenates the heated soul.