Thee , the emperor of the cosmos,

one who reigns the galaxy,

The pristine nature


 on his glance…

whose tears flow on earth

 as sacred Ganges,

To thee! I salute,

 who visions the creation…


Soul of mine , thine art,

Thou colours have painted …

with the emblazoned emotions

…whence shimmers my heart…



I owe to Thou ,

the Supreme Lord ,

Craftsman of this existence

The Magnanimous artiste,

Every second, every moment,

Every joy,

that I have knoweth

Every tear,

every breath ,

 the ceaseless energy 

that keeps me dead or alive!!!!



diwali candles



On fingertips , smudged is colour of the
ethereal ,
rouging over a blank canvas
images of illusory candidness emerge…
gradual strokes, the tender touch makes
silky smoothed the texture
violets, scarlets,lavenders,carmines,
sapphires,turquoise brighten
the alluring render…
a song reverberates in the chamber
pounds where the heart in thunder,
miss I the enchanter
the painter of my existing splendor.















Precious beads of love I weave together delicately,

creating a garland around your heart ,

with string of the philiac…


Adorning you with chaplets of  tender flowers of my wish,

bedecking your  soul with my musical harmony….










Diamonds,pearls envy the indigenous make,

devoid they remained of being  woven with such grace…



Coronal wreath or a  florilegium ,

It embellishes your contours of  existence…

disseminating  ambrosial essence,

for  the aeonian passionate presence…