The Veins of Aim!

flutters the winged ,

flaps them freely,

thou heart!

your zeal to fly high reverberates!


like the young butterfly

out from a cocoon,

excited is thou,

to mingle in the blue…


on flowers to dance,

in flowing stream to play,

beneath trees to rest

on paths to trail…


thou heart ! you leap and jump

to reach the zenith

in seconds to come!

go forth ! move ahead!

fill your zest in the

veins of your aim!





Classy chose few embellished dreams
They signify the status and reach
impractical and hard to decipher
The nomenclature of the modern day objective.
What fuss the jargons create thus
 piling with verbiage
 leaving aside rectitude and veracity
with dancing doldrums of the coloured goals
announces the widely acclaimed aspiration.
Preferred if, another idyllic venture
Lies which beyond the commoner’s comprehension
assumes the widespread then
there doesn’t exist any such profession.
In servitude of mankind thus
to render free expression in form of few precious words
which reveal the  candor  of self
to uplift the withering sense of the perishing humanity…
is my chosen noble profession.

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Dear Friends,

“The meaning of life for a mystic, is solely a journey from love to love. The condition of the soul before the journey is a condition of love; what is expected during the journey is love; and when the soul returns after the journey, it returns to love.”
 – Hidayat Inayat Khan
The above statement is rather befitting to introduce the very reason ‘Suroor of the Soul’ – a metaphysical anthology was penned. It is of abundance, diversity and contrasts, manifesting a richness of voices and internal enthusiasm to commence dialogue and delve deep within the esoteric realm of self-realisation through mysticism in order to unveil and unite with the ultimate happiness – ‘Truth. The illustrious anthology is meant to ignite a divine spark – resonating through our corporeal and celestial messages of Love, Harmony, Beauty and Truth – intricately woven with ever-growing spheres of tolerance and unity embracing Spiritual Liberty in a world where chaos and destruction continues to reign and often times fostering loathsome attitudes by mass society, hence, this book was written with a focus to gently alleviate pain and suffering in humanity by invoking a deep sense of spiritual awakening and participating in expanding a space for sharing our thoughts – encouraging the influence of love and by reflecting a diverse inner and outer dimension – to emphasize the necessity to expand, grow and evolve, thus, concentrating of consciousness of self – beyond all human definitions.
‘Suroor of the Soul’ (Intoxicated soul) is a book serving a multi-dimensional realm where humanness in being a human is a regal and recurring theme – and finally reaching to the Divine presence. It is in this very context that the mystic’s role is to raise human love to the height of Divinity, hence, eliminating all boundaries to fathom that there is no difference between human love and Divine love, but, of course, the angle from which one is confronted is thereby the process at arriving at the ultimate happiness in both the outer and inner realms.
In humanity, we indirectly play a dual role; as spectators and participants in creating chaotic imbalance and harmony – a paradox, indeed. Absorbed in a world of variety and blinded by factuality, humanity often fails to grasp the inexpressible causes of intolerance, cruelty, fanaticism, ignorance and arrogance – in all this we are both the sufferer and the suffering; when we are cognizant of this paradoxical reality, then, it becomes a social, moral and spiritual duty to focus on cultivating love and harmony which can only result in a tendency toward spiritual awakening. ‘Suroor of the Soul’ is a seed and in the seed there is root, the stem, the branches, the leaves, the flower – the scent which tells the story of  ‘I’ and ‘You’ – of our humanity in all its’ conditions, of our individual quest to reach the soul’s utter bliss and fragrance.
We hope you would support and encourage this book by whatever ways you find fit ! :p
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Shaheen & Soumya


Centuries ago, Jahangir, the then Mughal Emperor of India had introduced the system of “RING THE BELL” for those who awaited justice.A huge bell was hung just outside his palace and anyone who wished to have justice could directly approach the king by banging this bell at any hour of the day, which was known as “BELL OF JUSTICE”.

Today, where we live in a time of advanced technology which have enhanced our standard way of living and has added a new dimension of communication, we still find the need to have such a system of the Bell of justice., the sound of whose shall reopen the eyes of the existing government, the citizens of our country and the public who are a part of the system in some way or the other.

Globally we stand at a place where the world now looks onto us with respect in terms of science, development and economics as a future upcoming developing country.

West has always looked onto us for spiritualism since ages and presently for the opportunities that exist in our country to enhance and flourish their businesses.

Spiritualism which originated long back and is deep rooted in the soil of India considers every religion to be same and every person to be treated equally.Hinduism is a part of this spiritualism, which says there are 84 million gods and goddesses existing in our universe and all of them are revered and worshiped.

With the advent of modern age, our country grew in terms of economics and technologies, but simultaneously got very much influenced by the trend and life of the western countries.

As any culture has its pros and cons, the bad effects got their way too fast than anything else.

Today when we hold a newspaper in hand on an early morning, there are cases of rape, violence, molestation and injustice towards women, which has become a very normal scenario.

The fast changing trends of the Indian films, the overexposure of the vulgar erotic songs to the young kids have definitely influenced them very badly. The availability of hundreds of channels on television from all over the world through 24×7 caters to the young minds the seeds of unwanted entertainment and illicit information.

There is no limit to the exposure and no strings attached to its use.

The parental controls which can be incorporated for this is hardly known to 50% of parents who are still illiterate and unaware of such technology or those who know about it hardly care to implement it.

Result is a generation which is having free access to the dirtiest of expressions shown on television or internet.

The modern technology has provided with  computers,internet,laptops,tablets,mobiles with all the advanced features I pads to name a few to everyone where the youngsters literally live in a virtual world created by their circle and the sites they interact on, taking them faraway from reality.

A fast way of getting interacted anywhere with anyone, the instant fame which an obscene photo can bring if uploaded on any social media site can lure the child, a teenager ,a person of weak stature to do all the things which can harm, detriment or hamper anyone’s life in future.

Pedophiles are commonly heard of on several internet sites where the sick minded people lure and trap the children who fall prey to them easily. If such people get access to personal information and get personal access to the children, there can be a hundreds of cases of child rape, molestation and victims still shall remain quite in fear of getting defamed or abused more.

Parents in the race of living a luxurious life and in order to provide everything to their children are racing with time and working leaving their children alone at the hands of house maids or servants, both of who can never be trustworthy.

There have been innumerable cases of child abuse in such conditions and the children now grown up still bear the grunt inside them.

An easily catered sites of porn have filthed the minds of people who till today were struggling for survival, now they struggle for lust and desire.

Their object is to find someone to be able to fulfill their want on whom they can show the power they have, even a frustrated worker or a vegetable vendor, a businessman, or an executive anyone can be the source of molesting a girl, child, woman anywhere within our home, within family, in a circle of friends or at workplace, on road, in public transport or anywhere.

We can check the criminal minds of the grown up individuals by implementing strict laws for such actions of disaster, which can at least infuse some sort of fear and consciousness in them before thinking of doing any heinous act.

For the young minds who are growing and who soon shall be the 75%part of India need to guided, supported with love and cooperation.

 Every small change begins at home and so shall this one.

A home where a wife is respected, a sister is loved and regarded can bring up a young man who knows how to respect women.

Indian system has been patriarchal since ages leading to the dominance of men and the submissive behavior of women in our society. When such things don’t happen in real life anywhere else, the patriarchal minds which have seen this since their childhood tend to deny the power or position of women openly. They try to defame the woman or use derogatory words, more over stalk them or even molest them just to justify that men are the supreme dominant persons of the society and a woman needs to think and accept this truth. Anyone who goes against this idea or who opposes such dominance is then a prey to the killers of humanity.

I strongly believe we as mothers can inculcate in our children this sense of respect for women from childhood. They should be taught to be a part of work at home and should be asked to help in each and everything that a man feels isn’t his work.

Children should know the value of a person as a human being and not by his /her status, gender or position.

A sense of tolerance and patience should be tried to instill in their hearts.

Recently I came across an organization called “MARD” which is a group involved in creating awareness amongst people against such crimes. Such initiatives should be taken at every level of a state, city, town or an area.

Small group of friends too can start the noble cause when they see any woman getting oppressed or troubled, they should raise a voice or protest there to silence the criminal bent of mind.

I too am involved with such an initiative called “VOICES OF DAMINI”, where anyone can share his /her views and voice the opinion about such incidents from their respective areas or experiences  to create awareness through  the pen.

For pen is considered to be mightier than the sword, I too try to ink my thoughts with the same fervor which can in some way touch the hearts.


An ideal example is the best when you yourself apply it to your life.

I being a mother of two fears the existing society and hate seeing my children exposed to such terror and wrath.

I want my son to be compassionate and practical, dynamic to speak for anyone who is oppressed and stand for the weaker one. I wish my daughter too becomes stronger as my son so to be able to deal with every situation of life fearlessly and cleverly. She should remain alert and be communicative with her family in future.

A drop in the ocean, my words and thoughts shall get dissolved in the gigantic initiative, yet I shall remain proud that I tried my best to create awareness and prevent such crimes by my words and my actions.








VOICES FOR DAMINI- Join hands for humanity


A small step in the giant leap for changing the present scenario of Humanity.We all are aware of the recent case of Delhi ,which has shaken the faith and trust of people in the security of women in India. Since ages, there have been several issues against females , even in form of foetus or till the end of her life .

“Voices For Damini ” is an initiative taken by Subhabrata Dasgupta ,a simple 22year old person, who got shook by this incident like others and decided to raise a voice to make people aware of the barbarous acts going on around them to prevent such cannibalistic behavior furthermore.He is  supported now by many bloggers and friends who believe that this irrational,radical behaviour of people in our society should change and time has come for the citizens whether young or old to wake up and voice their fears,security,rights and opinions.

Guarding the security and integrity of citizens is the prime  responsibility of any government and system ,but moreover its the sole responsibility of every person to ensure what he owes to the society.

Humanity is shattered seeing all such cases of brutal murder and rapes.Whether  Government needs to change laws and enforce some stricter ones to check the rates of such crimes going up or the reinforcement and implementation of such laws should be done perfectly to curb all the violence against women is something which will be known with time.But at the same time we all need to get aware,to be alert,every moment ,everywhere.Only a law cannot change everything overnight,it will certainly prevent the criminals from repeating such acts,also have a check on the probability of these crimes.

What is required more is the change  in the mindset of everyone to regard and value every woman as a respectable entity and not as a thing of personal use and possession.

We all need to pledge today to help,\ and save every person that we find in any such critical condition anywhere around us…to reinstate the trust of people once again in the value of humanity.We need to ensure that in every house we instill the morals of respecting women not because they being a weaker sex but for their individuality.Respect each person and his/her  integrity.

We as bloggers do have the power of the words with us,that can reach thousands of people  in no time through our work.

So join hands in this noble cause to save the death of humanity.

Include more and more members in this initiative and spread the word of peace and light.

Like we do for any other  award that we receive for our blog, we have created a logo or badge for people who are a part of this initiative. Please paste this on your blog page as a sign of your contribution towards the cause.


There are no rules pertaining to this initiative,you just have to add people who would seem interested in joining hands with us irrespective of caste,creed,gender,nation,religion.Keep on circulating the message throughout and add people to this human chain.Those who are interested in helping us in this noble work and haven’t been included can contact any of the group members on their blog comments.They will be added soon.

I start with:

Subhabrata Dasgupta

Trisha Dey


Kenny Beechmount







Every contributor is precious and his/her contribution towards the society be  in any  form of views,opinions,suggestions,advices alongwith any form of work in the field that happens in your area,neighbourhood ,city,state will be welcomed and certainly bring a change .Keep everyone updated with your alertness and be a part of constructing a NEW ,BETTER , PEACEFUL AND POWERFUL INDIA !


Deep innocent eyes  sparkling,

Gazing at the surroundings dazzling,

Surprised by the new shining,

It mistook the world as the sky glittering…


New and stranger staring ,

At the busy city’s glowing ,

Shocked to see the cars moving,

It mistook the world to be another cosmos forming…


Odd and alien now observing,

The people down here hustling,

Amazed to see the mob still moving,

It mistook the world to be a space station shuttling…


No wonder it was an alien,

Now on earth by some error,

But a day here on this planet ,

Made it realise it is not the only one here… this universe and the cosmos,

where millions of living beings respire,

This galaxy is of someone very powerful and very real..


The existence of all the beings,

Is the choice of the God indeed,

He made all forms to live in peace,

And be in the place where they are meant to be..